Monday, September 10, 2007


Hey y'all. If you're still reading this, you're really dedicated. Bless you, child.

I'm in London for the European World Series of Poker, or E-WSOP for short. This is the biggest buy-in that I've ever played and might be the toughest field that I've ever played against. I start tomorrow and at my table are two tough Scandinavian pros, a very good 2+2er that I spent all day with today, and 4 other players that look pretty good. One of the Scandinavians is Patrik Antonius, arguably the best player in the world. The other is Lars Bonding, a successful tourney pro that is known for being very aggressive. Sadly, he's in seat 8 and I'm in seat 7 so I might be playing pretty tight for a while. Anyway, the best updates can be found at these two websites:

They might actually be running the same updates but if not, definitely go with PokerNews. They employ Pauly and Change100, two of the best tournament reporters out there and they'll definitely be on top of everything. Wish me luck!

In sports news, the Mariners have imploded. There's still time to turn things around but it looks really bleak. However, IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!!! There won't be many Mondays where I can post after TWO big wins from my teams in Seattle so I have to take advantage of it this week. Boise State 14-game win streak? OVER. GO DAWGS!!! Obviously the Seahawks won and it's nice to get a good game out of Shaun. I love Mr. Hasselbeck and I know he'll be good so if the run game holds up its end, I think we're going to be good this year. Go. Hawks.

Soon, I'll put up a better post about traveling and whatnot but I'm going to bed for now. Holla.