Monday, December 28, 2009

Blogging in the New Year

I really want to blog more often but I can't find the motivation or creativity to write anything interesting. I want to use the blog as motivation to live a better life, ultimately spending fewer wasted days sitting around doing nothing and enjoy more productive days out and about learning and improving my life. That might be the worst sentence of all time but you know what I mean.

The idea that I've come up with is turning this into more of a consistent and photo-heavy experience. Every night, I will create a "Today in the Life" entry with four or five pictures from that day and no more than one short paragraph. If I do this every day, it'll motivate me to have something cool or new to put up every single day. And, once I get in the routine of posting daily, I'll want to write more about the cool things I'm doing.

Well, that's the latest idea in my constant struggle with blogging. I wonder what kind of odds I could get against my successfully blogging for 365 consecutive days. 100-1? I would get some sort of leniency on long travel days, since I have trips to Israel and South Africa already planned, but that's just semantics. Here's to a successful New Year of blogging.