Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Florida Bound

Today was a rough day, due to the excessive drinking that went on yesterday for the Seahawks-Raiders preseason game. We drank a lot of beers at Davis' house to prefunk, drank a lot of beers during the game, and drank a lot of Jager-bombs at King Street after the game. It was rather ridiculous. We went home pretty early but I woke up at 3 AM and couldn't go back to bed until 5:30 because of all the Red Bull. Nasty stuff.

I'm always amazed by the audience that my blog has. I was at a bar on Monday Night for trivia and I ran into two guys who I'd drank with maybe 2 or 3 times at a mutual friend's house 3 years ago. I hadn't seen them since and honestly couldn't quite remember their names when I saw them. I'm pretty horrible with names and they were pretty easy: Bob and Ben. Anyway, we were talking a bit then they started dropping all kinds of knowledge on my life. "So, how were the 5 weeks in Vegas?" "How's house shopping?" "How's the 5/10 NL?" I was like how the hell do you guys know all this stuff and of course they found my blog through MySpace and read it semi-regularly. I guess I shouldn't have ever been naive about stuff that I put on the Internet but I always just assumed the only people who read this thing are my super close friends and a few random poker players. Maybe I'm just not very bright. During our conversation I found out that Bob and Ben went to high school with none other than Spirit Rock aka Mahatma aka Prahlad Friedman. He is an alumni of Nathan Hale, class of '96! I had no clue that he was from Seattle. He's one of the top HU and shorthanded NL players in the world and apparently went by "John" Friedman in high school. Anyway, Bob and Ben want to have a drunken home game with him when he comes back for their 10-year reunion. The dude is used to playing six-figure pots so a $20 home game might get a little out of hand.

MySpace is a funny thing. I like it a lot because I've gotten in touch with a ton of old friends that I'd lost track of. However, it's also uber-popular among high-schoolers and that makes it a haven for skeezy weirdos. I was hanging out in Vegas with Pauly and some other people and the topic of MySpace came up. Pauly asked me if I had an account and I said yes and he replied with, "I just lost a lot of respect for you. MySpace is so gay. But will you add me as your friend?" I found it pretty hilarious.

The last two paragraphs might only be interesting to me but, really, I'm the only opinion that matters here.

Poker went reasonably well this week. I played 3,601 hands and won $5,794.79. I was actually up almost $8K before giving some of it back tonight. The games were very good and I think I should play more on Thursday-Saturday nights. Here's my favorite hand of the session:

MP2 ($499.62)
CO ($896.50)
Button ($1326.15)
SB ($1404.82)
BB ($782.02)
UTG ($475.36)
UTG+1 ($1659)
Hero ($1000)

Preflop: Hero is MP1 with 9c, 7c. CO posts a blind of $10. SB posts a blind of $5. UTG posts a blind of $10.
1 fold, Hero raises to $45, 3 folds, SB (poster) raises to $96.03, UTG (poster) calls $91.03, Hero calls $56.03.

Flop: ($313.09) 9h, 6d, 7d (4 players)
SB bets $523.41, UTG calls $374.33 (All-In), Hero calls $898.97 (All-In), SB calls $375.56.

Turn: ($2485.36) 6h (4 players, 2 all-in)

River: ($2485.36) 5c (4 players, 2 all-in)

Final Pot: $2485.36

Results below:
SB has As Ad (two pair, aces and sixes).
UTG has 9s 3s (two pair, nines and sixes).
Hero has 9c 7c (two pair, nines and sevens).
Outcome: SB wins $2485.36.

Expert play, by everyone. Seriously, people were trying really hard to give away their money tonght and I just couldn't get it. I got stacked 2 other times, one on a race where I had a big draw and one where I got half my stack in with AA vs KJ on a Kxx flop and the rest in on a J turn. Wah wah wah. The worst part is that now I have to drive all the way back to Seattle, since I'm obviously in Canada.

I'm probably not going to be playing any poker next week because I'll be on vacation in Florida. Renee and I fly to Tampa tomorrow morning to see the Mariners play the Devil Rays. It should be fun to see Delmon Young and BJ Upton and the rest of the D-Rays prospects. Renee is uber-stoked for this vacation since she works six days a week and never goes anywhere. I'm excited but I was just getting used to being home. Seattle has been beautiful and I've had a great time over the past 10 days. I'm probably going to buy a house when I come home from vacation and that will definitely be exciting. I'll try to take pictures during this trip and get them uploaded for your enjoyment.

The Huskies have their first game tomorrow and hopefuly we can start 1-0 against San Jose State. I bought season tickets this year and I might miss our only victory of the season. I'm actually reasonably optimistic about this year and I have a $100 bet with my friend Mike, taking the over on 3.5 wins. I'm not sure what the real line is but 3.5 seems about right. Anyway, Go Dawgs!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Week One

Well, week one of poker/health is over and it was so-so. On Tuesday I went to Vashon Island with my mom and cranked out a 20-mile bike ride. On Saturday we rode to Redmond and back, totaling 39 miles. Vashon was hilly and probably a tougher ride than Redmond but I definitely felt like dying during both. My mom is a pretty strong biker and she smoked the crap out of me. It's pretty embarassing, getting crushed by your 51 year old mom, so I'm going to have to keep up the cycling. It's pretty fun and a nice way to enjoy the beautiful Seattle weather. I also did 100 push-ups on Monday, 50 on Wednesday, 59 on Friday and 65 today. I haven't been as sore and I think I can start to do them every day. As far as eating goes, it's really easy to eat healhy when you're active. After the bike ride I was tired as hell and there was no way I wanted to ruin my hard work by pigging out on some crap. I didn't go too crazy but I definitely worked on eating healthier.

In poker news, I played 3,118 hands and won $3100. It's pretty painful to only be up that much when i won $4900 on Tuesday alone. I actually ran pretty good overall but chose my running bad for when I jumped up to 10/20. I won $7528 at 5/10 and lost $4400 at 10/20. I try to pick good spots for jumping up and I'm still an overall winner at 10/20 but I think I'm going to stick with 5/10 for a while. I got stacked in a hand where I got 1/4 of my stack in preflop with AA and once I put in $500, the rest is coming no matter what. I only played 280 hands of 10/20 but I swear it'll be zero next week. I'd really like to play 5,000 hands of 5/10 but I'm heading to Tampa on Saturday and I might not get it done.

Obviously, once I start getting into a routine I go on vacation. I'll be in Tampa for 2 days and Miami for 4. I like to eat and sleep on vacation. Uh oh.

I drafted two fantasy football teams today and I think I learned a few things. I'm going to wait until Wednesday to post my observations because my big money league drafts Wednesday night and I don't want to reveal any strategy. It's probably dumb but there's quite a bit of money on the line.

The Mariners own the AL East. We just took 5 out of 6 from the Yankees and Red Sox but still have a 20-game losing streak to the AL West. The Angels are in town and it would be nice to end that ugly, Major League record, streak. We're playing strictly for pride but it would be nice to have a bit of confidence going into next year.

I guess that's it. Life without travel is booooooring.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I cranked out 100 push-ups yesterday and felt pretty good about myself. Today I don't think I could one. My shoulders hurt and I'm pretty stiff. I'll try to do as many as I can tomorrow. It sucks being so out of shape. I've been eating healthier but that's the easy part. I really don't need fried food or sugary drinks. The only problem is that if I want to kick it with a beer, I'm gonna kick it with a beer. If that weakness forever dooms me to sparetiredom, so be it.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going on a 35-mile bike ride around Vashon Island. It's nice to have her around to motivate me. She's still on sabbatical(16 months and counting) but claims that she's heading back to work soon. I'll believe it when I see it.

Speaking of my mom, living in her basement is cool and all but I really need my own place. I'm a grown ass man. I'd rather buy then rent but stuff is still expensive as hell. I'll probably do some shopping around during the next couple of weeks but if I don't find something by mid-September I'm just going to find an apartment.

My mom doesn't have an Internet connection(well, she has dial-up but that doesn't count) so I'm writing this at a coffee shop near U-Village. It's a big place and there are a lot of college hotties in here. I like. IF online poker were legal I could probably crank out a few hours of play. Damn you, Washington State Gambling Commission.

Madden '07 came out today and I played for a bit at Davis' house. I'm considering buying it myself but I would never get 5,000 hands played if I had that evil, evil game. There was a time in my life where I spent every waking moment playing Madden. I don't want to go there again.

One thing that I've been obsessing over lately is Fantasy Football. I'm playing in four leagues and draft day is coming soon. Two of them draft on Sunday, one on Wednesday and one is an auto-draft. I'm still not sure what my strategy will be but I'm pretty sure that I'm going with running backs as my first two picks. I'll post all my rosters once the drafts are over.

I just realized that tomorrow marks the 1-year anniversary of this blog. I don't feel like I post very often but this is my 175th post. I know there are some posts that are just pictures or whatever but I still averaged about one post every two days. I might start to post more now that I have these goals to attain but I promise nothing.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Seattle Owns

I really love Seattle. I'm really happy to be home and I can't wait to see everyone. The M's are in town this week(feresh off an 0-11 road trip) and I'm planning on going to a few games. Kenny, Ichiro's interpreter, has a rare day off tomorrow so I'm going to try to hang out with him for a bit. He's been traveling with the team and might be pretty bummed out. It's a good think I'm so witty and charming. I think I may be able to get him to step off the ledge.

I updated the links on the side of my blog. I know most of the people that I've linked to but some of them are just good blogs that I read. Nat and i were driving to Cooperstown this spring and he randomly blurted out, "Why don't you have a link to my blog on your page!" I promised to add him soon but it ended up taking over three months. That's how I roll. Nat has some good pictures of the Vegas house on his blog so go over there and look at his older posts.

I had a fun weekend. I hung out with my friend, Chris, in Portland on Friday night at a sweet bar called Ground Kontrol. It's basically an arcade for adults and they have all the cool old school games. We played some Simpson's and pinball while drinking cans of PBR. The coolest part was when we found out that the PBRs were free because we bought them while one of thir reps was at the bar. The only thing better than PBR is free PBR. On Saturday morning, Chirs went out to get donuts and I ate a maple bar. I know, healthy diet, but I just can't say no to maple bars. I took off around 10:30 and drove across the river to my Grandma's place for lunch. She usually eats at her Retirement Home so it's a treat when she gets to go out for lunch. She always invites some friends and I enjoy hanging out with them. We went to a place called Patrick's Hawaiian Cafe and I had some delicious Huli Huli Chicken. After lunch we went back to her place and I played pool with one of her friends. he was pretty good but I ended up taking 2 out of 3 games. After winning the rubber match I threw down my pool cue and yelled, "I OWN YOU, OLD MAN!" in his face. I'm a good winner.

I ended up leaving around 2 PM and got to Seattle at 4:45. I picked up Renee from her mom's Panini shop and we headed to Cle Elum. Her friend Stephanie's dad lives out there and she's living there for a month. Steph just graduated from pharmacy school and has to travel do different places each month and intern. She's currently interning in Ellensburg. Anyway, her dad's place is sweet. They have a lot of land and it's really nice to get out in the countryside. They have a bunch of 4-wheelers that we drove around in the mountains and they went pretty damn fast. Saturday night we drank beer and ate smores. I'm really livin the good life. Today we went to the swimming hole and splashed around for a bit. We ended up leaving at 6 PM and traffic was horrible. I guess we weren't the only ones that went out to the countryside for the weekend. I realized that I didn't have keys to my mom's house so I called my friend Davis and asked if I could spend the night. My mom is camping this weekend and isn't coming home until sometime tomorrow. I left a message on her phone but she might read this first. If so, MOM! I can't get into your house! Call me when you get this and LET ME IN! It's not a big deal since Davis let me stay over but he might get pissed if I stay on his couch for a week or more.

Tomorrow I start my push-up/exercise challenge AND my 5K poker hands challenge. It might be tough since I have to drive up to Canada for every session but i think I can do it. I'll definitely post updates on each bet in the hopes that I'll stick with my plans to avoid public embarassment. I think I'm going to stop with the bankroll updates, maybe just posting as I clear milestones or as I go busto. Let's hope it's the former.

Friday, August 18, 2006


First of, I want to say WHAT UP TITO!!!! We never met for that beer, hombre! No offense Tito but I've been to Detroit twice this year and I think it'll be a while before I plan a trip back there. I escaped twice without getting my car stolen and without getting shot. I really don't want to push my luck.

Tito was always pushing me to eat healthier. One thing I forgot to talk about in yesterday's ramblefest is the fact that I'm in horrible shape. I haven't been in good shape for, oh, 5 years, but spending 5 weeks sitting on my ass eating Carl's Jr., In N Out, and SuperMex really brought me to a new level of unhealthy. Guacamole Bacon Burgers, waffle fries ALL DAY. SuperMex Burrito with green sauce ALL DAY. Now that I'm going to be in Seattle more I'd really like to get in better shape. I'm going to make a pledge to eat NO fried foods(other than wings on Monday nights), drink NO pop or juice(other than real juice, no Sobe or Snapple) and do something active for at least an hour 5 days a week. The something active could be walking around Greenlake, playing basketball or riding my bike to the grocery store for porno mags. Just something that makes my heart pump a little and makes sweat come out of my pores. I'd also like to do at least 100 push ups every day if I can. Sounds easy but you people have no clue how sorry I am right now. Hopefully that push up number will increase with time but I need to start doing something if that's going to happen. I'm not going to make any weight loss goals or even weigh myself at all. I'm just looking for a better level of fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

I've made silly pledges like this before and I've always bailed on them. I don't really know what to do to keep myself motivated but the extra flab has me feeling pretty gung ho at the moment. I'm twenty freaking six and it's not going to get any easier. In the past I've always been able to get in shape pretty quickly after going on a diet or starting a workout regimen but I don't think it'll be that way forever. If anyone can think of a way to motivate me, please chime in. I'll be starting this "get the heart pumping again" plan on Monday but I'm going stop eating crap immediately.

Poker went pretty well today. I played about $1K worth of tournies and didn't cash in a single one. I made the final table of a WPT Choice tournament but busted in 9th with KK on a T-high flop vs a set of 4s. I hate folding, bleh. However, cash games went really well and I ended the day with a $1500 boost in my bankroll. Hooray Beer! I ran pretty good but I also felt a lot better. I've been reviewing hands after each session and I'm becoming more familiar with recurring situations. One day I'm going to run really bad and swear off of cash games forever but right now I'm having fun.

I should set some poker related goals for each week and try to play a certain number of hands. I'll think about it more and let you know what I come up with. I think that I'd like to play about 5000 hands per week but I'm not sure if that's too high or too low. I'm don't think monetary goals are very productive and I'm a firm believer that if you play enough, the money will come. I'll only be playing when I'm out of the state, obviously, so I'm probably going to be heading up to Canada pretty frequently.

There are a few things that I need/want to buy that I can use as carrots for my bankroll building. Number one is a new laptop for when I multitable in Canada. My current laptop has crappy reolution, blue-screens all the time and makes a strange grinding noise when I turn it on. I bought it about 20 months ago but it was pretty cheap and is probably more dated than that. I'm considering getting a PowerBook but it depends how much it costs to run Windows programs on it. I think Full Tilt is the only site that is Mac compatible and Party is where all the money is. If I don't get a PowerBook I'll probably get a Dell 9300 or whatever it is that all the cool kids have. I'd like the new laptop soon so I'll get it when the bankroll reaches $25K(It's at $24,184.80 at the moment).

I've already talked about the Breitling watch and I think I'll go for that once the bankroll gets to $50K. That could be a long ways off but if I put in 5,000 hands per week I think I can get there reasonably soon. I'll be pulling from the bankroll to pay bills, eat food and travel but I don't anticipate any huge expenses.

Cliff Notes so far:
Eat Healthier, Get Heart Pumping
Play 5,000 hands per week
Buy a new laptop when the bankroll reaches $25K
Buy a new watch when the bankroll reaches $50K

The ultimate goal is to get the roll up to $100K and start playing 25/50 regularly. I can't think of a good reward once I reach that milestone and I might not buy anything at all. It seems so far out there but all I need to focus on are 5,000 hands per week.

Tomorrow I'm going to drive most of the way home. I'm going to stop at my Grandma's and probably stay through lunch on Saturday. I've done this drive up and down I-5 a million times and it bores the crap out of me. I really despise driving through Oregon and the happiest moment of the drive(other than driving past SouthCenter and seeing the Seattle skyline) is crossing the Columbia and entering the State of Washington. God Bless Washington and its online poker ban. Anyway, if you're bored tomorrow and want to help a brotha stay alert and stay alive, give me a call. Peace. Love. Happiness.

P.S. I have no clue why anyone reads this crap. Blogging feels like one of the most narcissistic things ever and I feel like a jackass every time I write. Why the hell do you care about my physical and poker goals. Please don't put a bunch of comments saying we care because you're our friend blah blah blah. Just let me bitch in peace. Goodnight.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's up, Broseph?

Wow, it's been 2 weeks since my last entry. I'm not sure why I just quit blogging but I think Vegas took its toll on me and I just felt lethargic every day. I finally left Vegas on Sunday, spent two nights in LA, and drove up to the Bay Area last night. I'll be here at my dad's house until Friday when I start the drive back to Seattle. I'll probably stay at my Grandma's in Vancouver, WA on Friday night and get back to Seattle on Saturday afternoon. Hallelujah. I've been thinking about a lot of things so be prepared for a bit of a braindump.

The Mariners are officially done. They were as close as 3.5 games out of first as recently as 2 weeks ago. Then we ran into our eternal nemesis, the Oakland A's. Tonight's loss marks the 15th consecutive time that the A's have finished a game with more runs than the M's, tying a major league record for consecutive wins against a division rival. Throw in a 4-game sweep by the Rangers over the weekend and the M's are now 12 games out of first place. TWELVE! Doce! Gross. I'll still be attending a lot of games once I come home but I'll probably be drinking a lot of beer and razzing a lot of visiting centerfielders from the beer garden. I never expected the M's to be 3.5 games out of first place at any point this season but it was nice while it lasted. Wait 'til next year.

Football season is officially here and I'm ridiculously amped. I think the Hawks look better on paper than they did last year and I think their defense is going to be nasty. Julian Peterson is no small upgrade. Obviously losing Hutch hurts but I'll take the tradeoff. I don't think we'll go 13-3 because the schedule is pretty dang tough but I think we can get 11 wins and take down the division. Everyone is on the Cardinals' nuts but they were supposed to be a sleeper team last year too. Screw the Cardinals and the rest of the NFC West. We own it. My friend and fellow Superfan, Curtis, wrote a great analysis of the Seahawks' draft that I meant to post earlier but here it is anyway:

What I keep hearing about the hawks '06 draft is "TOO SMALL!" To those who
would criticize our selections based on the players physical size I would
offer 3 words, or names actually...

1. Chuck Darby
2. Leroy Hill

Pick # 1 -

So Kelly Jennings only weighs 178lbs! Are we forgetting about his 40 time &
40 inch vertical leap?! Jennings is a true cover corner who may not be the
flashest pick but he has shown that he can bring his A-game EVERYGAME in a
solid football program. No disrespect to Matty Hass or Pat Ross (Seahawks
new 3rd string center) but playing for Boston College is not the same as
succeeding with the Canes. I know that everbody would have loved Hali or
Lawson but it didn't go down like that. Beside, the Mount Nittnay Lions of
Penn State are a soft program these days. Lawson would have been legit
though. Same unit as Super Mario. Bottom line solid pick if not flashy and
someone who can come in and play NOW. Adjusting to the speed of the
Hawks/NFL game won't be as hard for a guy out of Randy Shannon & Tim
Walton's Miami's defense. BTW- The Canes have had a 1st round pick for 12
years running

Pick # 2 - Darryl Tapp, Virginia Tech.

It's a little tougher to be undersized on the line but he's getting a little
shortchanged. He's keeps getting listed as 6'1 but he's closer to 6'2. One
inch isn't was got him selected @ pick 63 though. Sure he can rotate
through w/ Wistrom & Fisher but you don't use a Round 2 pick on a
releaver!...or do you. **See also the rotation of Darby, Bernard and
another early pick Mr. Tubboat** Seemed to work out pretty good didn't it
and EVERYBODY knows that Darby is WAY TOO SMALL. Now we could have 6 SOLID
guys to play 4 defensive line positions. Crazy?...or draft day genius? I'm
also thinking immediate impact on special teams. Tapp had a blocked kick
both his Junior & Senior year. Rotating him through will leave him with
enough gas to pick up a couple more blocked kicks for the Hawks.

When asking Holmgren what any Draft Day plan is he usually identifies a few
areas of need but says that the Hawks will take the best player available.
I'm not entirely convinced that is what happened this weekend ESPECIALLY
with Sunday's picks but let's think of the near dynasty of the recent New
England Patriots. Not very many of those Pats were stars prior to the first
couple of superbowl but New England put together a work ethic/winning
culture that I believe is what Seattle is building too. Sure we'd all love
to have Mario Williams but I am defiinitely happy with our #1 & #2 cuz they
really are career guys.

Pick # 3 - 4th Round Rob Sims, Ohio State.

Obviously he's no Hutch but Guard isn't the most demanding position either.
He's played some Tackle as well. I would hope for him to develop his
versitility into a Pork Chop sort of player. Animal in the weightroom but I
won't expect him to compete w/ Spen-dogg for Tobeck's position as some
speculate. This is the last year of Tobeck's contract and similar to the
Mili/Stephen scenario, the job is Robby's to lose. If we could ever get two
blocking backs & Chris Spencer at center, maybe Matt could finally go to the
Shotgun from time-to-time to find Warrick downfield. Holmgren's probably
not interested in that scenario.

Pick # 4 - 5th Round David Kirtman, USC.

This was a favor! Did the Hawks forgetting about Mack's contract and that
he's just getting better? No need to draft for the future because of the
Carson-Newman rising star that is Leonard Weaver. So now people critisize
the difference in pedigre between Carson-Newman & USC but Weaver is WAY TO
MONEY to have somebody trash his small town program. If we can remember the
2005 preseason, Matt was shaking Mack's hand on the sidelines while they
both watched Leonard run like he was 50lbs lighter. Matt told Mack, "it's
been nice workin' with ya."

I think this was a reach and I still haven't called out who I think this was
a favor to. Has anyone noticed where Kirtman's parents address is???
That's right folks, David's parents are Holmgren's neighbors. Shakey Pick +
Friends Nextdoor = impared 5th round judgement!

That's it for now. I should probably get some work done. GO


If you didn't think that was awesome then you aren't my friend. Thanks, Curtis!

Check out the Seahawks' road schedule: @Detroit, @Chicago, @St Louis, @Kansas City, @San Francisco, @Denver, @Arizona, @Tampa Bay. The three division games are automatic ally assigned, obv, but the others are pretty sick. Soldier Field is never easy, The Chiefs don't lose at home, The Broncos have a sick home field advantage and Tampa won't be a cakewalk. The only soft spot is opening day at the Lions but we looked like crap the last time we played at Ford Field. *cry*

The UW MBA program emailed me about two weeks ago and basically said, "write back if you still want to come because we don't want to admit waitlist people who already have plans." I wrote back and they told me that they can tell me their final decision as late as September 15th. I'd really like to get this damn MBA and I'd like to do it sooner rather than later.

If I don't get in this year I have a pretty sweet backup plan. First I'm going to take some undergrad business classes this Fall to strengthen my application for next year. After Fall quarter I'm going to resubmit an application and take off for a while. My friend Ivan got a job in India and is living there now. Two other friends, Scott and Matt, are going to visit him from December 26th until January 6th and I'm going to tag along. On January 6th I'm going to fly from Mumbai(formerly Bombay) to Melbourne. There's a big poker tournament in Australia that ends on the 19th of January. I'll probably stay in Australia for a while longer then fly to Vietnam around February 1st. I'll stay in SE Asia for a month or so and fly back to Seattle around March 1st. Sounds fun, huh? Seriously, I'd rather just get my damn MBA and work from there but travel could be fun too.

As far as poker is concerned, I'm playing a lot of 5/10 and 10/20 NL cash games and I'm really enjoying them. I still suck and make a lot of dumb mistakes but luckilly they suck worse and make more mistakes. My bankroll has grown from around $7K at the end of the Main Event to its current value of $22,679.87. I think I've run pretty good but I also think that my resluts will get even better as I learn to stop making ridiculous payoffs and hopeless bluffs. I've probably given up about $5K making terrible calls and terrbile bluff attempts. $5K in obvious mistakes that I look at in retrospect and shake my head at in disgust. There are probably a lot of smaller mistakes that I'm making too. Gross. Anyway, I think NL cash games are a great way to make money and I'm going to continue to build my bankroll through them(only when I'm outside of the State of Washington of course). I'd like to get the roll up to $100K so that I can take shots at the 25/50 NL regularly. I'll keep throwing random bankroll updates on the blog and hopefully I'll stay motivated and play as much as I have been over the past two weeks.

There were a few things that happened that got me into cash cames: (1) Spending a lot of poker money on travel and expenses, (2) Dropping most of the rest of my poker money on the WSOP, (3) Living with some of the best NL cash game players in the world. I really believe that a few of the guys I was living with in Vegas are the some of the best players out there. One of them is 20 and the other is 18. Years old. Ridiculous. Anyway, they don't give a crap about money because they make so damn much playing cash games. One day, on our way to dinner, Smokey, the 20 year-old, gave one of the best one-liners ever: "I'd kill myself if I only made $100K a year". I'm pretty sure he didn't literally mean "kill himself" but to hear that kind of stuff from a 20 year-old is unreal. I'd like to make that kind of money and I think getting really good at NL cash is one of the best ways to acheive it. I'm fairly certain that I wouldn't ever treat money the way that they do but I'd like to have the funds available to abuse if I so chose.

Here's an article that my man ADB sent me via email. It's about the online poker laws in Washington. I think it encourages people to play, especially quotes like this:

----In Washington, other than a handful of cease-and-desist orders issued to billboard and radio advertisers that promote illegal gambling sites, the state has not busted a single person for illegal Internet gambling.

"Our enforcement does not focus on individuals," Arland said. "We respond to complaints."-----

Arland works for the Washington Gaming Commission. Not focusing on individuals is good news. I'm still not going to play unless I'm out of the state. Obviously.

I've bought almost nothing of real value since the big tournaments that I won. I bought some Bose headphones for $300, my Treo phone for about $550 and I can't think of much else. While at the house in Vegas, three guys bought watches and the cheapest one was a $9K Jacobs. I think I'm going to buy a nice watch as my first major purchase. The watches that the guys bought were really amazing but I'm probably going to go with a "cheap" Breitling for about $3K. Cliff is my official fashion consultant and he loves the Breitlings. I don't know why I included this paragraph but it's my braindump and I can write what I want.

Speaking of Cliff, he moved to Germany on Monday. I'd really like to go see him soon but I'm not sure when I can do it. Maybe for a few days on the way to India?

It's 3 AM and things are going down the tube. Who knows how much longer I'll ramble. On September 23rd I'm flying to Philadelphia for a charity poker tournament/boozefest called Bash at the Boat. This is the seventh annual Bash at the Boat and I think it started as a crazy party then evolved into a charitable crazy party. Obviously it's something put together by AlCantHang and I'm excited to be a part of it. He's promised to hold the 1st Annual Brandon Schaefer Beer Pong Championship so I better get some practice in while I'm at home. We played a lot of beerpong at the house in Vegas and I got pretty deadly by the end. We played 10-cup with teams and in one game I went 7 for 7 and our team won with 8 cups left. Smokey and Bushman may be great poker players but I own them at beerpong. I've never gone 7 for 7 before and I'm pretty sure I'll never do it again. It was just one of those Jordan vs the Blazers moments when you shrug your shoulders at the commentators and the cups look as big as peach baskets. Carl actually ruined me a few times during the trip but he flew home early and missed me when I was in my groove. He's going to enter the WSOBP and I can't wait to hear stories about how good other people are. Supposedly the great players use a fingerroll technique that I tested for a while. It seems like the fingerroll gives a better arc but I was having a hard time controlling distance and accuracy. Anyway....

I'll Florida from September 2-8. Renee and I are flying into Tampa on the 2nd and watching the Devil Rays play the Mariners on the 2nd and 3rd. Then we're renting a car and driving down to Miami for a few days. We're going to stay on the beach and hopefully it'll be a nice vacation for her. She's very excited about the trip because she has a real J-O-B and doesn't get to do crazy things like yours truly. I'm not saying that I'm not excited to finish the stadium tour and take a vacation with a pretty lady but I've been around the world ya-ya-ya, I've been playa hated, I don't know and I don't know why, why the want us faded. I feel like the travel schedule has jaded me a bit and I can't really get too fired up for any domestic travel. "I don't need my passport? Pssssh." Anyway, if any of you loyal readers know anything about Tampa or Miami or parts inbetween please leave a comment.

I wonder if I still have any loyal readers. 2 weeks is a long ass time to go without updates.

I'll be in Seattle on Saturday afternoon but I'm heading to Cle Elum with Renee on Saturday night. I think my first time kickin' it will be at Kangaroo & Kiwi on Monday night. Darts? Wings? Mongoose IPA? Holy crap I can't wait to get home. Seattle, the greatest place on earth. Except I can't play poker while in Seattle. Only when out-of-state. Obviously.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I busted 5 minutes before the dinner break. I played a tough pot early on against a good player and for the last 5 hours I nursed a shortstack between 9 and 15 blinds before finally busting with QJ against 22. It was definitely a frustrating day and a frustrating World Series overall. I really feel like I was playing a lot better with each successive tournament and my results kept getting worse and worse. Oh well.

Just about everyone from the house is out of the main event and they're all heading home. I have some friends coming down from August 9-13 so I'm going to have to stay down here until then. I'll probably be indulging in some hookers and blow during my free time so if that's your bag, feel free to come visit sometime over the next 2 weeks.