Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Picture Dump

First things first: NORDBERG IS A GOLDEN GOD! He ended up winning the tournament in New Orleans for a large sum of cash. ESPN has tentatively set July 18th as the date that the tourney will be televised. July 18th will be my 26th birthday. I slept on this guy's couch in Detroit just 3 weeks ago! I hope he still remembers me when he's a big TV star! Does anyone else see the connection here? I sleep on his couch and he runs hot at a big live tourney that will be shown on TV on my birthday. I think that he owes me a certain percentage of this win. 50% will do. Seriously though, Nordberg is a great player and, more importantly, a better guy. I couldn't be happier. Here's his recap if you want to read it. VIVA LA NORDBERG!!!

I'm back in Kansas City and I had a great day recovering from the craziness of Vegas. Today I ate great BBQ at Arthur Bryant's, toured the Jazz and Negro League Museums, ate Southern Fried Chicken and Catfish at The Peachtree, watched the Suns-Mavs game and lost some money playing poker.

Tomorrow, I'm driving to St. Louis and back to Kansas City after the game. St. Louis is about 4 hours east of Kansas City but I had to do it this way because of their schedule. I'll probably get out of KC around noon and get back by 2 AM. Thursday is another day of rest and I drive to Denver for my 28th ballpark on Friday. I'm driving to Vegas on Saturday and flying back to Seattle on Sunday. Home sweet home.

Sorry for letting everyone down over the past few weeks. I don't know what to tell ya. I'm having fun and blogging isn't atop my list of priorities. Anyway, here are some pictures that I never posted, complete with exciting commentary:

Trying to get towed in DC Posted by Picasa

I thought it would be funny to have a picture of the no-parking sign just in case I got towed from the Nationals game. I still chuckle but I may be the only one.

Aisleway into RFK. Posted by Picasa

Man, this picture really epitomizes the nastiness that is RFK.

Philly Cheesesteak Posted by Picasa

I forget the name of this place but Nat took me there for a bellyfiller and I was very impressed.

Ownage of cheesesteak Posted by Picasa


Hottie Ballgirl Posted by Picasa

We had great seats in Philly and I got to pose with the ballgirl. She had a nice tush.

Me, Al and Nat Posted by Picasa

Don't know who this statue is of but it's the only picture that I have wih Al and Nat.

Eva and her Big Ho Posted by Picasa

Al's wife, making him proud and making every other man jealous.

Fenway Pahhhhk Posted by Picasa

Beauiful day in Beantown

Rogers Centre (the stadium formerly known as Skydome) Posted by Picasa

The Hard Rock Cafe and Skydome Hotel. I kinda like it.

My Grandparents' grave site in Waterloo, Canada Posted by Picasa

I brought some flowers and tried to clean the moss off the grave. I cried for a few minutes.

PNC Park in Pittsburgh Posted by Picasa

One of my top 3 ballparks.

Pittsburgh skyline and one of the rivers Posted by Picasa

What a view!

Soft pretzel in Cleveland Posted by Picasa

One of the most awesome things I've ever eaten.

Me and Dookie in Detroit Posted by Picasa

One of very few pics of me and Dook.

Dookie and Jimmy at Wrigley Posted by Picasa

Cool pic in front of a famous sign.

Getting rained on in the bleachers Posted by Picasa

We had bleacher seats and waited in line for the gate to open then sprinted up the ramp to get front row seats. Then is started pouring but if we moved, people would steal our seats. So we got really wet.

The old scoreboard at Wrigley Posted by Picasa

Bleachers on rooftops Posted by Picasa

Apparently they sell tickets for like $100 but it includes food and all-you-can drink. I want to do it someday.

Sausage Race in Milwaukee Posted by Picasa

We had standing-room-only tickets because Milwaukee-Minnesota is a hot ticket (seriously) so we stood behind home plate for most of the game. It really wasn't bad. The game was unbelievably long and the Twins were killing the Brewers. Everyone stuck around until the top of the 7th for the HOTDOG RACES!!! Everyone was kinda apathetic about the game by this point but a roar erupted when the hod dogs came out and everyone got on their feet. There was a handicapped section right in front of us where people in wheelchairs could park. A LADY GOT OUT OF HER WHEELHAIR AND STARTED CHEERING FOR THE HOTDOGS! See the lady in blue? The hotdogs gave her new legs! We saw a miracle in Milwaukee!

Metrodome ceiling and tiny scoreboard Posted by Picasa

The Metrodome ceiling was interesting to me. It looked like a tent, like someone pitched the frame then stretched a cloth over the top of it. The crowd wasn't that big but they got pretty loud. It made me miss the Kingdome. The scoreboard at the Metrodome was ridiculously small.

Debbie reppin' Mr. Brett in front of his statue Posted by Picasa

Turkey Sandwich from Izzy's in LA at 3 AM Posted by Picasa

So much turkey. Such a bad idea.

Vegas Dufflebag Posted by Picasa

Speaking of bad ideas.

pre-151 shot Posted by Picasa

Ugh, 151 is the bane of my existance.

post-151 shot Posted by Picasa

LA - Vegas transportation Posted by Picasa

Party Bus.

For Al Posted by Picasa

This is around noon, after 3 solid hours of drinking. I started with beer at 8 AM, moved to mimosas at 9:30 and bloody marys at 10:30. The locigal progression was to straight SoCo out of a plastic dixie cup.

The view from our table at Mix Posted by Picasa

We ended Friday night at Mix, a club atop the new tower at Mandalay Bay. Frank's brother works there and got us a sick table on the patio. This really is the view from our table. Usually you need to buy a bottle of booze for this table. The cheapest bottle: $475 for a fifth of Grey Goose. Instead, Frank's brother hooked us up with 4 or 5 rounds of drinks, 40-50 drinks FOR FREE. Shots of tequila and vodka crans were all the rage and we had a great time. I'm not really a clubbin' kind of guy but being a VIP was fun.

Double-fisting at Harrah's outdoor bar Posted by Picasa

This is Sunday night in Vegas. I've walked by this outdoor bar a million times but this was the first time I've ever hung out there. I had a lot of fun.

Yelling something at Harrah's outdoor bar Posted by Picasa

Like I said, a lot of fun.