Sunday, May 07, 2006

It just gets better all the time

The road trip just keeps getting better. The last few days have been more fun than any man should be allowed to have. Since Tuesday I’ve been to five baseball games in four different stadiums with eleven different people. Derek, Nat, Al, Eva, Matt, Ivy, Chris, Ezra, Emil, Mr. Matros, and Mrs. Matros. I saw a 14th inning stretch and I saw Arthur Rhodes get a save. I saw the Braves lose three consecutive games and fall 9 games behind the Mets. The Braves are 0-6 in games that I’ve attended. 0-6! I saw Jose Reyes get 5 hits in a game and I saw David Wright hit a walk-off double to end one of the best baseball games that I’ve ever attended. I drank SoCo with AlCantHang and I played Chinese Poker with Matt Matros and Chris Fagris. I stayed in an old plantation style house and Nat showed me how the previous owners rang their servants. I ate the biggest and tastiest cheesesteak that I’ve ever seen and I made it my bitch. I saw two old stadiums that won’t be around four years from now and I saw two “new-retro” stadiums, including the one that started the stadium revolution.

Guess what I get to do the next few days? I get to see a day game at the oldest and arguably the coolest park in the majors. I get to spend a day at the Hall of Fame. I get to watch the biggest rivalry in sports in the house that Ruth built. I get to share a beer or four with Pauly.

I’m wicked tired so that’s all I could come up with as a recap: the lazy writer’s list. I’ll try to get pictures up at some point. In case you’re curious, here’s my schedule for the next week:Sunday: Orioles-Red Sox at Fenway
Monday: Hall of Fame in Cooperstown
Tuesday: Red Sox-Yankees at Yankee Stadium
Wednesday: Senators-Sabres in Buffalo (NHL Playoffs)
Thursday: A’s-Blue Jays at the Skydome
Friday: Marlins-Pirates in Pittsburgh
Saturday: Tigers-Indians at Jacobs Field
Sunday: Phillies-Reds in Cincinnati

Sick, sick, sick. Unreal. Both the Tigers-Indians and the Phillies-Reds games look much more appealing now than they did at the beginning of the season.

Nat leaves me on Wednesday morning, catching a train back to Philadelphia, but Dookie rejoins me in Cleveland on Saturday. He’ll be with me for over a week, through Chicago and maybe Milwaukee. I can’t believe this trip is more than halfway over.


TitoSantana said...

are you going to comerica park in detroit? its a very nice place. great food at greektown and also a nice poker room at the greektown casino!

Anonymous said...

Since you're driving a lot, here's a post from another board that you should appreciate. The thread was, 'things that drive you crazy':

I don't like people who drive faster than me -- they are reckless fools.

I don't like people who drive slower than me -- they are dangerous turtles.

But I really hate people who drive the same speed as me -- what the hell is THEIR PROBLEM??!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's awesome to see you're having fun, it gives us penniless slaves something to live vicariously through. Still, I can't wait till you get home. Save a few more beers for the homecoming party for you at our new place (if that honor hasn't already been bestowed on someone else???).


Ghostwritten by Jason

Anonymous said...

where you at?


Anonymous said...

Do something neat, and then write about, so that my boring life can have meaning by reading about it.


DeeeTroitttt Basketbbbballl said...

Where you be? What city is you at? What stadium is you at? What beer is you drinkin? What good food is you eatin? We miss your blog, miss your pictures, actually we just miss you! Please holla back at your homeboyz!

---Tayshaun Prince

Anonymous said...

Can a nigga get a blog or what?

Anonymous said...

come on brandon, what the fuc? we seriously miss reading your blog.

you were so good with updates and posting and now you have not wrote in over 2 weeks, that is seriously some weak sauce. please brother, you owe the people.

Anonymous said...

We are seriously considering revoking your status as a SuperFan unless there is a new blog.



Anonymous said...

maybe it jut gets better, but it's not getting any fresher. Get off your ass, B.