Monday, August 28, 2006

Week One

Well, week one of poker/health is over and it was so-so. On Tuesday I went to Vashon Island with my mom and cranked out a 20-mile bike ride. On Saturday we rode to Redmond and back, totaling 39 miles. Vashon was hilly and probably a tougher ride than Redmond but I definitely felt like dying during both. My mom is a pretty strong biker and she smoked the crap out of me. It's pretty embarassing, getting crushed by your 51 year old mom, so I'm going to have to keep up the cycling. It's pretty fun and a nice way to enjoy the beautiful Seattle weather. I also did 100 push-ups on Monday, 50 on Wednesday, 59 on Friday and 65 today. I haven't been as sore and I think I can start to do them every day. As far as eating goes, it's really easy to eat healhy when you're active. After the bike ride I was tired as hell and there was no way I wanted to ruin my hard work by pigging out on some crap. I didn't go too crazy but I definitely worked on eating healthier.

In poker news, I played 3,118 hands and won $3100. It's pretty painful to only be up that much when i won $4900 on Tuesday alone. I actually ran pretty good overall but chose my running bad for when I jumped up to 10/20. I won $7528 at 5/10 and lost $4400 at 10/20. I try to pick good spots for jumping up and I'm still an overall winner at 10/20 but I think I'm going to stick with 5/10 for a while. I got stacked in a hand where I got 1/4 of my stack in preflop with AA and once I put in $500, the rest is coming no matter what. I only played 280 hands of 10/20 but I swear it'll be zero next week. I'd really like to play 5,000 hands of 5/10 but I'm heading to Tampa on Saturday and I might not get it done.

Obviously, once I start getting into a routine I go on vacation. I'll be in Tampa for 2 days and Miami for 4. I like to eat and sleep on vacation. Uh oh.

I drafted two fantasy football teams today and I think I learned a few things. I'm going to wait until Wednesday to post my observations because my big money league drafts Wednesday night and I don't want to reveal any strategy. It's probably dumb but there's quite a bit of money on the line.

The Mariners own the AL East. We just took 5 out of 6 from the Yankees and Red Sox but still have a 20-game losing streak to the AL West. The Angels are in town and it would be nice to end that ugly, Major League record, streak. We're playing strictly for pride but it would be nice to have a bit of confidence going into next year.

I guess that's it. Life without travel is booooooring.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bran,
Reminds me of this from the preface in one of Capote’s last books, about his writing:
“… It was not until 1959 that some mysterious instinct directed me toward the subject —-an obscure murder case in an isolated part of Kansas --and it was not until 1966 that I was able to publish the result, In Cold Blood.
…Writers, at least those who take genuine risks, who are willing to bite the bullet and walk the plank, have a lot in common with another breed on lonely men –the guys who make a living shooting pool and dealing cards.
…Yes it was like playing high-stakes poker; for six nerve-shattering years I didn‘t know whether I had a book or not. Those were long summers and freezing winters, but I just kept on dealing the cards, playing my hand as best I could.
…I called the book Answered Prayers, which is a quote from Saint Therese, who said:
‘More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.’
…I reread In Cold Blood and had the same reaction: there were too many areas where I was not writing as well as I could, where I was not delivering the total potential. Slowly, but with increasing alarm, I read every word I’d ever published, and decided that never, not once in my writing life, had I completely exploded all the energy and esthetic excitements that material contained.
..the truth was, I had to go back to kindergarten. Here I was –off again on one of those grim gambles!... The result is the present volume: Music for Chameleons.”
Love, Pops

Jimmy said...

I need your addy to ship over the jacket. Sorry I haven't sent it's been hangin out in my laundry room. Good to see that you are working out have motivated my lazy @$$ to do the same. A good way to do the pushups and to break up the monotony is to do the push-up card game the Dookie brought from F-dub. I have added new rules and such to "spice" the game up also...if you want those details. Hope all is well.

P.S. I think in one of your posts, you mentioned that you are going to Philly? When is that? I'll be there Sept. 14-17 (14th I have a test all day, and I fly out early on the 17th, but I have all day 15th and 16th to hang out; I'm going to be there with 2 other friends...those dates match up with yours at all?)

Scott said...

Indeed sir, life without travel is boring . . . what's this I hear about MBA's possibly interfering with trips to India? Preposterous.