Monday, August 21, 2006

Seattle Owns

I really love Seattle. I'm really happy to be home and I can't wait to see everyone. The M's are in town this week(feresh off an 0-11 road trip) and I'm planning on going to a few games. Kenny, Ichiro's interpreter, has a rare day off tomorrow so I'm going to try to hang out with him for a bit. He's been traveling with the team and might be pretty bummed out. It's a good think I'm so witty and charming. I think I may be able to get him to step off the ledge.

I updated the links on the side of my blog. I know most of the people that I've linked to but some of them are just good blogs that I read. Nat and i were driving to Cooperstown this spring and he randomly blurted out, "Why don't you have a link to my blog on your page!" I promised to add him soon but it ended up taking over three months. That's how I roll. Nat has some good pictures of the Vegas house on his blog so go over there and look at his older posts.

I had a fun weekend. I hung out with my friend, Chris, in Portland on Friday night at a sweet bar called Ground Kontrol. It's basically an arcade for adults and they have all the cool old school games. We played some Simpson's and pinball while drinking cans of PBR. The coolest part was when we found out that the PBRs were free because we bought them while one of thir reps was at the bar. The only thing better than PBR is free PBR. On Saturday morning, Chirs went out to get donuts and I ate a maple bar. I know, healthy diet, but I just can't say no to maple bars. I took off around 10:30 and drove across the river to my Grandma's place for lunch. She usually eats at her Retirement Home so it's a treat when she gets to go out for lunch. She always invites some friends and I enjoy hanging out with them. We went to a place called Patrick's Hawaiian Cafe and I had some delicious Huli Huli Chicken. After lunch we went back to her place and I played pool with one of her friends. he was pretty good but I ended up taking 2 out of 3 games. After winning the rubber match I threw down my pool cue and yelled, "I OWN YOU, OLD MAN!" in his face. I'm a good winner.

I ended up leaving around 2 PM and got to Seattle at 4:45. I picked up Renee from her mom's Panini shop and we headed to Cle Elum. Her friend Stephanie's dad lives out there and she's living there for a month. Steph just graduated from pharmacy school and has to travel do different places each month and intern. She's currently interning in Ellensburg. Anyway, her dad's place is sweet. They have a lot of land and it's really nice to get out in the countryside. They have a bunch of 4-wheelers that we drove around in the mountains and they went pretty damn fast. Saturday night we drank beer and ate smores. I'm really livin the good life. Today we went to the swimming hole and splashed around for a bit. We ended up leaving at 6 PM and traffic was horrible. I guess we weren't the only ones that went out to the countryside for the weekend. I realized that I didn't have keys to my mom's house so I called my friend Davis and asked if I could spend the night. My mom is camping this weekend and isn't coming home until sometime tomorrow. I left a message on her phone but she might read this first. If so, MOM! I can't get into your house! Call me when you get this and LET ME IN! It's not a big deal since Davis let me stay over but he might get pissed if I stay on his couch for a week or more.

Tomorrow I start my push-up/exercise challenge AND my 5K poker hands challenge. It might be tough since I have to drive up to Canada for every session but i think I can do it. I'll definitely post updates on each bet in the hopes that I'll stick with my plans to avoid public embarassment. I think I'm going to stop with the bankroll updates, maybe just posting as I clear milestones or as I go busto. Let's hope it's the former.


meanhappyguy said...


And yeah, I like the idea of a reward instead of a punishment.

100/day by Thanksgiving. I did two sets of five pushups yesterday. I'm on my way!

TitoSantana said...

That sucks you have to drive to Canada to play, but at least you have that option. How far is Canada, what city? Also where do you play? Do you have a wireless card? Thanks im just being curious and noisy. ;)


Anonymous said...

Throw some crunches in with those pushups; balance. Like beer with your smores.

Watch out for that Kenny; he's a bad actor under that innocent exterior. Strong men hide, women weep for joy...well, for some reason they weep.