Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I busted 5 minutes before the dinner break. I played a tough pot early on against a good player and for the last 5 hours I nursed a shortstack between 9 and 15 blinds before finally busting with QJ against 22. It was definitely a frustrating day and a frustrating World Series overall. I really feel like I was playing a lot better with each successive tournament and my results kept getting worse and worse. Oh well.

Just about everyone from the house is out of the main event and they're all heading home. I have some friends coming down from August 9-13 so I'm going to have to stay down here until then. I'll probably be indulging in some hookers and blow during my free time so if that's your bag, feel free to come visit sometime over the next 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hookers and blow? That's my favorite!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good run man, obviously i dont need to say this, but all of us are all proud of you. See you when you get back!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the peacock toungues for appetizers. It's Vegas, after all.

Matt Matros said...

"I really feel like I was playing a lot better with each successive tournament and my results kept getting worse and worse."

That sounds about right. Funny how we have great results when we suck, then learn to play and can't do anything, eh?

Hope to see you again sometime before the next WSOP.

Anonymous said...

F'd up, German style (quoting another curmudgeon here):

Mein Leben ist verpfuscht. “My life is messed up,”

verpfuschen, v.a. bungle, botch, make a mess of, wreck (one’s life, etc.)

Verpfuscht! (The pronunciation is: fair-PFOOSHT.) Is this a beautiful word, or what? It would almost be worth making a mess of one’s life, just to be able to say "Mein Leben ist verpfuscht."

New Vegas slogan: World's best place to get yourself verpfuscht!

Anonymous said...

E and I are getting excited, buddy! See you in a week!

Anonymous said...

new blog, new blog, new blog!

get off your lazy arse and give us some news.

this one time, in Detroit, the most amazing pictures EVER were snapped. Then Big Foot deleted them. One of the worst occurences since the log in Wyoming. said...

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