Thursday, February 23, 2006

Who cares?

I've had a bit of writer's block lately. Everytime I start thinking about writing a blog entry I think to myself, "who cares?". Who gives a rip what I ate today or what poker related crap I did. I'm sitting on my ass all day long and I really don't feel like writing that for a week straight. "Well, today I sat on my ass and played poker and tomorrow I'm going to do the same thing." It's a good thing that I'm flying to Argentina tomorrow and I'll finally have something interesting to write about.

I don't know too many details regarding this trip. My mom set everything up and I just filled out a few forms. Hopefully I'll be able to hit y'all with an update while down there but at the very least expect a few pictures of me mugging with penguins in 2 weeks.

Poker has been swell and my poker+travel bankroll is pretty healthy. I won a tournament today for $5200 and now I only need to make about 10K more to cover all roadtrip/WorldCup expenses AND have enough to play in 17 events at the World Series of Poker. Idealy I'd like about 10K more than that but I'll be fine as long as I don't miss cashing in all 17 tournaments. That would be gross.

I started doing heavy planning for the baseball trip and even bought my Phillies tickets for May 4th. I bought good seats, recommended by Sir AlCan'tHang, and we're sitting 5 rows back on the first base line (well, actually on the line but halfway into right field) with a nice view of downtown Philly. Apparently it's college night, too, so the scenery should be great.

Speaking of Al, I was thinking about making an amendment to my New Year's resolution. I think I should be able to have a few special occasions where a few shots can be consumed. I think special moments should be limited to 5 or 6 per year and should be truly special. Al's love for booze is legendary and I think sitting in box seats with the SoCo king is special enough for yours truly to let down his hair. I'm also reserving the annual Memorial Day Weekend Vegas trip for my 2nd boozing of the year. 4 left, any suggestions? I'll save one for after I win my first WSOP bracelet. 3 left!

Well, I should finish my laundry and get my bags packed. Antarctica, here I come!


Scott Boyd said...

I would recommend reserving a serving of hard alcohol for Founder's day in November. I think it would be wise.

Anonymous said...

bachelor party in April, clearly. If you don't then we're going to pin you down and pour well tequila in your hair.


Anonymous said...

I'm coming to Vegas Memorial Day weekend for my birthday. You need an entourage? I'll even play turtle...

knugs said...

boyd already beat me to it.........i hate him.......and 17 events???? seriously, you are gangster

tom mcelmeel said...

Two comments: if you are to be with the penguins then you should get March of the Penguins, but the movie itself is romanticized and awful, but the extras at the back of the DVD are more worth watching, namely,how the film was made and more accurately descriptive of what these penguins undergo. The movie, on the other hand, talks about how the penguins "feel" and speaks of "the young couple" who have this chick. Pretty chicky. Second, as far as drinking is concerned, if you are concerned then you should be concerned. However, the key is to not let alcohol get control. If you let that happen then you have to quit drinking or be a drunk; those are your choices. The idea of quitting for awhile and honestly evealuating your relationship (there I go with the March of the Penguins sentimentality)with alcohol is a good idea. Perhpas at the end of your evaluation you will feel that you can't control alchol and you should quit; perhaps you will conclude that you can socially drink and not do things while drinking that hurt others or yourself. I did this exact thing several years ago, and realized that alcolol was beginning to get the best of me but if I remained aware of that then I could drink moderately. You seem smart enough, and smart enough, to make your own honest evaluation. Good luck with that and have a great trip, and keep the blog going.

AlCantHang said...

"If you let that happen then you have to quit drinking or be a drunk; those are your choices."

I think we know what choice I made. :)

Start stretching the liver and stomach. We'll throw down some Tony Luc's cheesesteaks and Yuengling Lagers at the park.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that don't be so hard on yourself. You can't please everyone all the time so don't worry about what you write, JUST WRITE!!! YOU DA MAN B!

I would save one of those drinkin days for either when you are done with the road trip or when you are finally back in Seattle for good, kickin it with all the homies. If I were you, I would keep one for a rainy day, cuz you never know when you're gonna want to get FACED!!!!


Jimmy said...

Keep writing your blogs Shaef...A wise large headed, small hand and foot Cracker-Jap once told me:

"Keep blogging. Anything you write is interesting because it's you and we care. WRITE."

I feel the same way you do, which is why I don't write much either, but you are right with the title of your blog, who cares? There are people, like me, cause I have no life and living through you brings me joy, who will read all your blogs no matter if you are writting about your travels, sitting down playing poker, or sqeezing out a nice deuce, it just doesn't's interesting. For everyone else, who cares? They will either read it, or they wont. Chances are, they will.
Have fun on your travels...lookin forward to catching a few bball games with you soon...soon as in three months from now...damn.

Anonymous said...

"Keep writing your blogs Shaef...A wise large headed, small hand and foot Cracker-Jap once told me: "

Jimmy forgot to add small wang to the list.


seriously, i have no reason to live if you stop blogging. I lost 13 pounds in the two weeks i had to go without a why is kelli ellis so curious about a letter she wrote 11 years ago? AND WHY DO YOU NEVER WRITE ME BACK?! I"M YOUR ONLY BROTHER! ONLY! Grandpa brought this fact to my attention during a visit last weekend. Good thing too, I don't think I would have figured it out for some time.

Tell Mainma I say hello, and thanks for inviting her favorite son to go travel with her...she did, you say? FAAACK!

I'll be in the Bammer during April. I want to go to the Braves game. I get promoted on April 22nd. You trying to pin me?

I have hella gummy bears for you. And when I go to Germany, I'll get you some straight from the source. Black Forest, bitch!

HIt me back, just to chat.


Matt Matros said...

If you're hitting Shea Stadium on your tour, I'll be truly offended if we don't take in at least one game together. Also, let me know if you need a place to stay round these parts.