Saturday, June 16, 2007


I made it pretty far in the $5K NL on Wednesday, busting a little before midnight. It was my second straight long say and I woke up on Thursday morning feeling like crap. I decided to skip the $5K Bellagio event and hang out at the house, recharging my batteries. Evidently it worked since I made Day 2 of the $2K NL. I'm 5th in chips out of the remaining 130 players and we restart today at 3 PM. I have 151,200 chips and the blinds are at 1K/2K with a 300 ante. is the best place for updates. Pauly is doing the love updates and he'll definitely be on the ball. Here's an article about the tournament thus far:

As you can see, the jafro is making a comeback. If I make a final table I think I'm going to have to pull out the weedwacker and get it trimmed down a bit. Anyway, send your good vibes and I'm confident that I can make this final table. Holla.


Cozza said...

Love updates/Live updates....guess it's the same thing ;)

Peace (hehe)

Jimmy said...

Nice work "happy"....i'll be rooting for you.

P.S. Who gave you the gay nickname?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good runs....and don't let my man get into too much trouble when he is down there visiting this week!!!

Irongirl01 said...

nice run Brandon in the $2k.

No Beer Pong and Win that prop bet for Pauly!!!