Thursday, January 07, 2010

Photos in the Life: Day 7

Today, Ryan and I went golfing at a pretty ghetto Executive Course and had a blast. It was par 60 and I shot 87 but I'm definitely hitting my irons a lot better than I used to. Tonight, we went to a bar and the 8 of us quickly made a numbers board out of some receipt tape. We bought the squares for $2 each so there was $200 in the prize pool: $25 to the winner of the first and third quarters, $50 to the winner of halftime, and $100 to the winner of the Final score. I had Alabama 8 and Texas 1 and was ecstatic when Bama scored with a minute left. It seemed like I was a lock to win the $100 BUT THE KICKER MISSES THE EXTRA POINT and my buddy Joshua Weiland wins with Alabama 7 Texas 1. One of the worst gambling beats I've ever taken. Josh deserved it though because he had the halftime win locked up when Alabama had the miracle Pick-6, sending the $50 to Clint. Anyway, I took a bad photo of the numbers grid and Ryan took a picture of me on the golf course for your enjoyment. Holla!

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