Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We've been in Israel for about 20 hours and I'm really enjoying myself. It's pretty amazing how well everyone speaks English and I heard two great jokes at dinner yesterday that I want to share.

First, we were eating some appetizers which included 2 different kinds of hummus. Dani was teaching me that "huh?-miss" is incorrect and his cousin interjected with "Hamas is a terrorist organization, don't go around asking Israelis for Hamas. It's 'hoo-moose' that you want to eat." It was funny and delicious at the same time.

Second, the owner of the restaurant was talking to us about the Super Bowl and how we felt about it. I told him I was rooting for the Saints and he said, "yes, it's good to help the people of New Orleans forget we need Haiti to win the World Cup." This brought down the house because Dani and I had talked earlier about how it was kind of ridiculous how often commentators were bringing up the hurricane even though so much time had passed. Brilliance out of the kind restauranteur.

Tonight we're going to hit the town and hopefully I'll have some good pics of Israeli girls for everyone. =)


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