Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I guess I'm doing alright

Had another drunk weekend but focused on getting at least 150 in per day and can't be too disappointed with the numbers I got. On Monday, I was at work from 2 PM until 4 AM and spent 7 hours in the air. It was really exhausting and I haven't been doing as hot during the week but once my schedule returns to normal and I combine it with my no-drinking clause, I should be fine. I've pumped out 100 this morning already and I'm going to start doing more at work. Once I get past the guys making fun of me, it'll be a great step toward doing more overall.

As the weekend creeps up, I find myself considering cheating and boozing it up but this 24-day detox cost some money and I think that'll be my saving grace; not wanting to waste money.

Thursday, 1 AUG: 200
Friday, 2 AUG: 150
Saturday, 3 AUG: 150
Sunday, 4 AUG: 250
Monday, 5 AUG: 60
Tuesday, 6 AUG: 50

Week-860 Total-31085

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