Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gooooooo Carl

I forgot to put this in my post yesterday but Carl was 13th in chips with 27 left in the Reno WPT event. The winner of this event gets just over one million dollars. There are now only 20 left and he's somewhere in the middle of the pack. Barry Greenstein is a frikkin cardrack and he's knocking people out left and right but Carl is surviving so far. If he makes the final 6 I think I'm going to fly to Reno to watch the taping of the final table. My favorite sites for updates are PokerWire and Cardplayer.

GOOOOOOO CARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE------1 PM:

From Cardplayer:
"Barry Greenstein raises to $25,000 preflop and both Jason Stern and Carl Olson call. The flop comes Kh-10d-4s and Olson checks. Greenstein bets $50,000 and Stern folds. Olson moves all in and Greenstein calls. Greenstein shows Ks-9s and Olson has Ad-Jd. Olson catches his gutshot straight on the turn in the form of the Qh. The river is the 8d and Carl "colson10" Olson doubles up."

He's so good it's scary. Hahahaha.

New chipcount:

Place Poker Player Chip Count
1 Barry Greenstein $ 1,140,000
2 Tom Schneider $ 600,000
3 Carl Olson $ 530,000
4 Burt Boutin $ 360,000

UPDATE------------1:50 PM

15 left, Cardplayer says that Carl has $430K and is in 6th place but he called during the break and told me $330K which would also be good for 6th place right now. Something tells me that Cardplayer is wrong but let's hope he forgot about a 100K stack somewhere.

UPDATE------------2:35 PM

PokerWire has Carl in 9th place out of 14 left. He has 260K chips with blinds at 6/12K. Plenty of time to find a hand and suck out on Barry. Thanks Sarah and Daliman for the comments. Gooooooooooooo Carl!

UPDATE------------2:36 PM

Whoops. Now he's 14/14 with 139K chips. Still enough time to suck out on barryg1.

UPDATE------------3 PM

Barry is gross. Must really be painful sitting at that table. Here are the updated chipcounts from Pokerwire:

Place Poker Player Chip Count
1 Barry Greenstein $ 1,400,000
2 Kevin Song $ 770,000
3 Jonas Norrman $ 530,000
4 Tom Schneider $ 510,000
5 Gary Jacobi $ 505,000
6 Greg 'FBT' Mueller $ 350,000
7 Burt Boutin $ 327,000
8 Michael Simon $ 315,000
9 Jason Stern $ 290,000
10 Fang Tian $ 250,000
11 Fabrice Soulier $ 175,000
12 Carl Olson $ 111,000
13 Dan Schmiech $ 110,000
14 Paramjit Gill $ 80,000

Sweating Carl online is extremely painful so I can only imagine how much it sucks sitting at work and sweating my sweat. Suck. Out. On. Barry.

UPDATE---------------3:40 PM

From Cardplayer:

Carl "colson10" Olson moves all in preflop for his last $98,000. Burt Boutin moves all in behind him for about $45,000 more. Everyone folds and Olson shows Ac-9d. Boutin flips over Kc-Jd and will have to improve. The board comes 9h-5c-2h-7c-4h and Carl Olson doubles up.

Fun times. The other guy looks crippled and might go out soon in 13th. That would mean Carl makes about $5700 more. I don't think he's too worried about that right now but ya know, $5700 is $5700.

UPDATE----------------3:47 PM

11 left. Here are the chipcounts:

1 Barry Greenstein $ 1,775,000
2 Kevin Song $ 760,000
3 Gary Jacobi $ 690,000
4 Tom Schneider $ 640,000
5 Fang Tian $ 530,000
6 Jonas Norrman $ 435,000
7 Jason Stern $ 350,000
8 Greg 'FBT' Mueller $ 310,000
9 Michael Simon $ 265,000
10 Carl Olson $ 120,000
11 Paramjit Gill $ 65,000

Here is the payout structure:

1 $1,052,890
2 $529,300
3 $256,115
4 $142,285
5 $113,830
6 $85,370
7 $71,145
8 $56,915
9 $42,685
10-12 $28,455

As I'm writing this, Carl doubled up again. Details to come.


This is why we call him "Coinflip Carl"
From Cardplayer:

"Barry Greenstein raises to $50,000 preflop and Carl Olson moves all in for $149,000. Greenstein calls and shows 7d-7c. Olson flips over Ac-8d and the board comes 8h-3h-3c-5h-10s. Carl "colson10" Olson doubles up to over $300,000 chips."

Barry still has all the chips. I'd love to see him give $500K to charity and let Carl take home the Mil ticket.

Update---------------4:02 PM

Pokerwire has the following chipcounts:

Place Poker Player Chip Count
1 Barry Greenstein $ 1,600,000
2 Gary Jacobi $ 780,000
3 Kevin Song $ 710,000
4 Fang Tian $ 680,000
5 Carl Olson $ 430,000
6 Jonas Norrman $ 400,000
7 Tom Schneider $ 385,000
8 Greg 'FBT' Mueller $ 365,000
9 Jason Stern $ 310,000
10 Michael Simon $ 275,000
11 Paramjit Gill $ 40,000

This event is over, they just don't know it yet. I have to run and get Renee a birthday present before we meet at 5:30 for dinner. I'll wait for one more update then I'm outtie. Let's go Coiner.

UPDATE------------4:19 PM

Carl just called. They're down to the final table of 10 and they're going on dinner break. here are the chip counts, courtesy of Pokerwire:

Place Poker Player Chip Count
1 Barry Greenstein $ 1,264,000
2 Gary Jacobi $ 790,000
3 Tom Schneider $ 600,000
4 Kevin Song $ 570,000
5 Jason Stern $ 560,000
6 Michael Simon $ 486,000
7 Fang Tian $ 428,000
8 Jonas Norrman $ 406,000
9 Greg 'FBT' Mueller $ 400,000
10 Carl Olson $ 390,000

Cardplayer has him with a few more chips but this looks more reasonable given the fact that Barry just doubled up 2 people. He said on the phone that he hasn't seen any big hands the entire tournament so let's hope he's due. They're probably close to hitting 10/20K so some big hands soon would be clutch. I have my friend Nordberg texting me if anything big goes down while I'm at dinner. Gogogogogogo Carl.

UPDATE-------------7:50 PM

Can you say chipleader? 9 left and he just had a huge doubleup with KK vs KQ. Here's Cardplayer:

"Gary Jacobi raised from late position and Carl Olson reraised $150,000 more the small blind. Jacobi pushed all in and Olson called. Jacobi flipped over Ks-Qc while Olson showed Kd-Kh. The board came 9d-2d-4d-8h-7d and Carl Olson doubles up.

"Colson10" is now the chip leader with over $1,100,000."

Carl just called, I guess they're on break but he said that the guy in the SB was a major donk and he was positive that the guy was pushing the whole way. Awesome awesome awesome. Apparently the guy just crippled himself by limping with KTo then insta-calling a decent sized push so apparently the donk may be gone soon. I think he has enough chips now to bust Barry. Let's find AA vs KK and let the AA hold up, OK?

Wow. I'm so damn excited right now.

BTW, dinner was fantastic. We went to Etta's instead of Campagne because Campagne's wasn't taking reservations and Etta's was higly recommended on the 25 for $25 website. They had this cornbread pudding that would have made me cry if I wasn't such a badass. BOMB.

FINAL UPDATE--------------11:30

Well I'm done crying so I can report that Carl went out in 7th, taking home $71,145. It's a weird day when that kind of money is a disappointment but such is the world of tournament poker. Good job Carl. As a silver lining, you saved me from having to buy a $350 plane ticket.


Daliman said...

thanks for the update brandon. im at work and cant access any of the other sites. goooooo carl!!!

ps-- your blog rocks!

sarahbellum said...

Gooooooooooooooooooo Carl!!!!

Scott Boyd said...

this is awesome, brandon.

oh, and thanks for the shout out yesterday! :)

Daliman said...

thanks brandon. im going home now, so i can sweat from the crib! thanks for all the updates. Gooooooo Carl!

AlCantHang said...

God damn. TV bubble boy. You'll be "Dr. Pauly live-bogging" in no time...

danny said...

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Easycure said...

Since Burt Boutin is the guy who knocked me out of Event #2 last year, I'm gonna take this as revenge thanks to Carl.

When you see Carl, tell him Easycure says thanks!

And congrats on the nice score!