Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Well I had chips in 2 out of 3 tournies today and managed a 12th place finish in the Paradise $200 rebuy and a 151st place finish in the Stars $1 million guaranteed. The day was good for a $3K profit, nothing to scoff at but nothing to get too excited about. Here are 2 fun hands from Dise:

Blinds have just gone up to 10K/20K and we're on a pay-bubble with 16 left, 15th will get $680 more than 16th. I have 193K in the CO and the button has 52K, SB has 149K and the Big blind has 93K. I'm usually going to jam any 2 here but I've been wondering if it's a mistake when they're like life support low. Usually my FE is huge if there's a smaller stack at the table but in this case, the button was the short stack. Anyway, I push 3h5h and the button calls all in with KsQs. The flop is Kd6c4h giving me an open-ender but the turn is the Jh and the river is the 9h giving me a beautiful backdoor flush. I started to think that this was going to be my day.

The second hand occurs just 7 hands later, we're 12-handed and I'm on the button with 280K after stealing a few blinds. MP with 192K pushes for the second straight hand and I repush with AQo. I type to my friend Damon, "AJ pls" and don't realize that the BB, with 276K total chips calls my overpush with KK. The original pusher does indeed have AJ and we flop an Ace, only to lose to a rivered King. The pot had over 700K chips in it and I would have been chipleader by about 200K with 10 left. Oy. I have 4K chips left and call all in on the next hand after posting my 1K ante. I had Q3 and I'm wondering if I can wait any longer. It seems like once the ante is 25% of your stack you should just put your chips in the middle. I know I got it in with 2 outs but it's still painful to lose to a rivered set. 3K for 12th is nice but 84K for 1st just sounds so much sweeter.

This weekend we celebrated Renee's birthday for the third time. Why do girls get a birthday week? We went to our friend CJ's house to play poker and I decided to push on every hand. The very first hand I got AT and got it in against AhJh. We flopped ATx with 2 hearts but a T on the turn meant he was drawing dead. Everyone was super pissed and started complaining about my pushing every hand technique so I decided to abort that mission. I limp in the very next hand with Ah3h and flop the nut flush against a set of 5s and a set of Js. Renee pushed and I overpushed and convinced the girl with the set of Jacks to fold. They play tournament style with rebuys for the first two levels and Renee and I found ourselves heads up at the end. She wanted to chop but I was ruthless and took home the $110 for first place. Muahahahahaha.

After the poker we went to Pesos and I consumed a lot of beer. Last night Duane, EJ, Davis and I went to see Thursday at a small venue called "El Corazon". The concert was awesome and I consumed a lot of beer. Renee and Erica came to meet us at Joey's after the concert and they were nice enough to give my drunk ass a ride home. I had a wicked hangover today and had horrible beershits during the big poker tournies. Believe me, it's not fun.

Tomorrow is a really busy day. I have to take the Prius in to the Toyota dealership because they have a recall on the 2003s, something about having to check the battery connections. I'm dropping the car off at 7:15 AM then using Renee's car to drive to a few dealerships in my final attempts to buy a stupid minivan. I have to get everything done by noon because we're going down to Mariner's Opening Day which starts at 2 PM. Hopefully the sun will be out and I can consume a lot of beer. After the M's game is the NCAA Championship. I'm not sure where I'll watch the game but odds are, I'll consume a lot of beer. Finally, Taking Back Sunday is performing at the Showbox tomorrow night but I think I might have to skip the show. I'm leaving for 2 months on Tuesday and it would be nice to have some clean laundry and some kind of plan. I can't believe the roadtrip is finally here. I'm insanely amped for baseball and can't wait to see the States. I'm going to try to hit up as many National Parks and historical sites as possible, starting with Redwood National Park on the way fro Seattle to San Fran. Please please please can I have the discipline to post here every day during this trip. If I were a betting man, and I am, I'd say odds are pretty long that I'll have a post up daily.

Talk to you tomorrow. Will I have a new minivan? Will I consume a lot of beers? Tune in tomorrow to find out, right here on the Life of Brandon.


Matt Matros said...

That 10k/20k jump on Dise is ridiculous. Auto-call with the Q3 getting 4.5-1 on your money. (Unless maybe it's raise/reraise in front of you. Even then I might call and hope for something other than KK/AA.)

Let's play ball!

Anonymous said...

agreed. Like I said last night, there are only like 10 hands I'd fold there. When will you learn to win the 700k pots?? Seriously.