Friday, April 14, 2006

Dodger Stadium

I'm at Dodger Stadium for game 6 of the road trip, blogging on my Treo. My friend, Chris, hooked me up with suite tickets so I'm in the lap of luxury tonight. It's raining intermittently but I think they're going to get the game in. The Dodgers were my favorite team during the 12 years that I lived on Kauai because they were my Grandpa's favorite. He even took me to two games in the mid-90's during they heyday of Piazza and Karros. The stadium is just as beautiful as I remember it and my seats are much better. This is the second time that I get to see one of my fantasy pitchers start a game. Jake Peavy gave up 7 earned in 4 innings the first time, so let's hope Brad Penny does a little better. He's facing the hated Giants and their left fielder, He Who Must Not Be Named. I'll definitely have my booing shoes on. The game starts at 7:40 and I'll try to write about it in a timely manner. Go Dodgers!!!


Cliff said...

I want a new blog entry!!!

TitoSantana said...

i want some garlic fries! ;) seriously i cant wait for your next entry bro!