Sunday, April 23, 2006

Still in the Big D

I'm at American Airlines Arena for game 1 of the Mavericks-Grizzlies playoff series. I came down here, not sure what too expect ticketwise. Everyone that I talked to yesterday was ridiculously amped about the Mavs and I thought it might be difficult to get a ticket. When I got down here I found scalpers everywhere and I knew it would be a buyer's market. I ended up buying a $12 ticket for $10 after turning down a $53 seat for $30. There really aren't any bad seats in basketball and unless I'm courtside I could care less where I sit. Tip-off is in 10 minutes or so.

Last night I stayed with my friend Evin and her roommate, Heather. Evin literally moved down here yesterday so they don't have wireless internet set up in their apartment and I can't steal it from anyone. I'm sleeping there tonight but tomorrow I'll be in Houston and I'll make sure that my hotel has wifi so I can post a recap of my time in Dallas. I must say, I like it here and I wouldn't mind coming back again soon.

Until tomorrow, Go Mavs!!!.


Anonymous said...

Buddy! I love it in the Big D, too. I heard you got to go to Chuy's again! I'm definitely jealous. You got to see the apartment before me, too!

Anonymous said...

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