Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Two In a Row!

I'm blogging on consecutive days! Holla! If you posted a comment, I replied with a comment.

The ALCS starts tomorrow with Nate Robertson facing Barry Zito. I can't say that I agree with Jim Leyland's rotation but he probably has a better idea of how his pitchers match up than I do. Here's how he has them lined up: Robertson - Verlander - Rogers - Bonderman - Robertson - Verlander - Rogers. IMO, Bonderman is the ace of the staff but he's only pitching once, in game four. If he skipped over Robertson and started Verlander in game 1 he could have Bonderman start games 3 and 7. As is, Verlander is pitching games 2 and 6, both on the road in hostile Oakland. If my rotation was in effect, Verlander would pitch game 1 on the road, but get to pitch game 5 at home. Kenny Rogers is 23-1 in the Oakland Coliseum since 1995 and under my plan he would pitch games 2 and 6, both in the stadium where he has dominated. Leyland has stated that he wants to give Rogers the extra rest after his emotional start in the Yankee series and it's clear that he likes having the veteran there to pitch game 7. Whatever, I think it's clear that Robertson is the worst starter out of the four and I'd like to have my best players in line to start 6 out of the 7 games. I'm definitely over-analyzing here but don't come crying to me when Barry Zito owns Robertson.

I've been watching Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy and must admit that it's a very good show. I can't watch shows on TV because I don't have the discipline to schedule my life around being in fron tof the TV at 8 PM every Thursday. However, I'm very good at watching a DVD for hours on end. After Grey's, I'll probably move on to Arrested Devlopment Season 2 and start watching Six Feet Under.

Well, that's all for now. For some reason I really wanted to post two days in a row. Let's go Mets!(sorry, Allen)


Pokerwolf said...

I wondered why the floor was cold.

Tigers/A's is going to be a pitching war. It'll be interesting to watch, for sure.

Peter said...

Totally agree with your assessment of the pitching rotation for the Tigers. Would love to see it go the same way.

Yanks made Robertson look bad in Game 1 but don't put it past him sneaking a win out in game 1. He has pitched well all season without much run support.

Anonymous said...

Tigers in 6! Detroit rock city. Ariba!

Anonymous said...

No tears when the Tigers/Cards World Series heats up, Bran...like the Brooklyn Dodgers so often did, the Mets are gonna hafta wait 'til next year.

Scott said...

I'm amazingly jealous of your travel plans from Dec 26 to nearly March . . . you've inspired me to begin organizing/planning/saving for an "around-the-world" adventure of my own, kicking off in July of '07

Grind It Out Poker said...

Everyone thought the Rotation should be Verlander/Rogers/Bonderman/Robertsn......which is why Jim Leyland did the unexpected and is a genious. Tigers 1 -A's 0......Verlander going to making 2-0.

Go Tigers

MHG said...

I pulled a Brandon and posted too!

How does the new poker legislation affect our push-up bet??