Monday, February 19, 2007


Hey there. I'm in Siem Reap, Cambodia and we just completed a long day of sightseeing, covering most of the major temples in the area. Angkor Wat was phenomenal but some of the other temples were just as cool and much less crowded. We're flying to Bangkok tonight and will fly to Phuket on the 21st. I hope to find a good Internet connection soon so that I can post pictures and whatnot. Sorry for the lack of updates but the Interet has been excruciatingly slow and the last thing I want to do out here is stare at a page loading. I'll be in Seattle in 2 weeks and I'm very excited for that. Peace, love, Happy New Year.


Carl said...

Good to know you're alive.

Anonymous said...

See you in 2 weeks after you are done pimpin' all over the world!

Anonymous said...

Good to know you are doing okay. Will look forward to a long post and lots of pictures when you are back in Seattle. Keeping you in my prayers; requesting safety and good health for you.

Anonymous said...

Please make Davis skull a beer, and when he doesnt finish, belittle him by calling him a Wanker...and post the video on Youtube

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment, but I think it should be a Thai bucket instead.

Krating Daeng gives you wings!!!

Anonymous said...

Bangkok: Great
Two words: Red Light District
just kidding. Enjoy the museums.
If you take the land route you can buy a kid at Poi Pet for about $40. Name him Will, give him $5 and a shoe horn, and drop him off on the Thai side of the border. He'll thank you in ten years.