Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sorry for being MIA the past week. The Internet has been shaky everywhere and I've been too discouraged to write anything. The Great Ocean Road was awesome and I had a great time with Miss Cory-Ann. I was considering flying to New Zealand this week but I found out that my friend Kent would be in Melbourne for business on Wednesday and Thursday so I decided to stay put. Staying in Melbourne also gave me more time to hang out with Cory-Ann and we've had a good time. We saw both Happy Feet and The Pursuit of Happyness at the Crown Casino, ate Pho in Chinatown, and ate at a really nice Italian place on Chapel Street. We've also watched a lot of cricket and she's filled in the gaps in my cricket knowledge. I am now a self-proclaimed cricket expert. Last night, Kento and I got reasonably drunk but refrained from going off the deep end. He and I have a history of bad nights so we made a conscious decision to take it easy last night. He has a few business meetings today and flies out tomorrow morning at 6 AM but I think we'll put in some late hours tonight. I leave on Saturday for Vietnam and I'm really excited to meet Davis, Hao-Tam and CJ in Hanoi. I realized today that I only have 25 days left on the road before returning to Seattle. Time flies when you're having fun. Here's my schedule for SE Asia:

Mon 2/12 Halong Bay
Tue 2/13 Halong Bay
Wed 2/14 Hanoi
Thu 2/15 Nha trang
Fri 2/16 Nha trang
Sat 2/17 Saigon
Sun 2/18 Saigon/Siem Reap
Mon 2/19 Siem Reap / BKK
Tue 2/20 Bangkok
Wed 2/21 Phuket
Thu 2/22 Phuket
Fri 2/23 Phuket-BKK
Sat 2/24 Krabi
Sun 2/25 Krabi
Mon 2/26 Chiang Mai
Tue 2/27 Chiang Mai
Wed 2/28 Chiang Mai
Thu 3/1 Chiang Mai
Fri 3/2
Sat 3/3
Sun 3/4
Mon 3/5

Hao-Tam is a veteran of SE Asia so she did all the planning. I'm not used to staying at nice hotels but I can't complain. Hao-Tam and CJ are flying home on the 1st so I'll have a few days by myself. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I think there's a Full Moon party on the 4th that I'll try to attend. I'll dump some pictures as soon as I find a stable Internet connection. Until then, close your eyes and picture me rollin'.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know you are okay and back on line at least for a day. Sounds like the trip is going well. Looking forward to seeing pictures. I am praying for your safety.

Carl said...

Make sure to tell Kent that I hate him. Thanks!

Jodi said...

You are so lucky to be able to travel extensively like this. I hope you are taking lots of pictures and remembering the little details so you can share some stories when you get back! Be safe.

Cody said...

I did a similiar trip 5 years ago but with a slower Itinerary and went to Australia after SE Asia.

If I were you I'd skip Phuket and spend more time in Krabi and surrounding areas, or go over to the other coast and take in Koh Phangan and Koh Samui.

Lots of cheap internet cafe's in Thailand so please keep sending the updates, makes my boring day at work go faster.

Anonymous said...

If you get to Vung Tau, see if they still serve a dish made of small squid stuffed with peppercorns and clear noodles. Great stuff; never found it anywhere else.

Travel safely, boyo.