Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Phoenix has been a blast. I'm staying with my friends, Josh and Emily, and they're great people to hang out with. They're both really kind people at heart but they aren't afraid to speak their minds about any topic and I really respect that about people. I've lost the only 2 credit card roulettes of the trip, including a 9-person meal at Benihanas but even that can't dampen my spirits. It's been 70 degrees with clear skies and I'm understanding why so many people flock here. 38 degrees and rainy in Seattle or 70 and sunny in Scottsdale? I was even motivated to take a quick jog around the neighborhood today since it seemed criminal to be sitting inside with weather like this. I'm coming back in late February for Spring Training and I'm really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow we're flying to San Diego for New Years Eve. I'm not sure what we have planned but I'm sure it'll be great just because of the crew that will be there. I'm going to try to take a lot of pictures but I'm really the worst ever at taking pictures. I just get lost in my experiences and never think to pull out my camera. A big effort will be made tomorrow and maybe the next post will have pictures. Happy New Year, everyone.


TheReader23 said...

Wishing you all goods things in 2009. Say hi to Josh and Emily for me.

Anonymous said...

Brandon, I used to read your blog regularly but then you stopped. I was cleaning out my bookmarks and checked your blog and you had posted "Phoenix" so I thought I'd keep your blog bookmarked. But you haven't posted anything since. What happened? How was San Diego? Where are you now?

Anonymous said...

Ditto as per anonymous.