Thursday, September 03, 2009

Barcelona Bound

I'm sitting at Gate S11 in the beautiful Seattle-Tacoma airport and I'm feeling a giddiness that I haven't felt in a while. Maybe it's because I haven't been abroad since May, which is a really long stretch for me. At any rate, I have a feeling that this is gonna be a great trip.

The trip will look loosely like this:

9/4-9/8: Barcelona
9/8-9/10: Florence
9/10-9/11: Ljubljana
9/11-9/13: Zagreb
9/13-9/15: Budapest
9/15-9/17: Frankfurt
9/17-9/24: London
9/25: Four friends arrive in Frankfurt
9/26: Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart
9/27-9/28: Munich for Oktoberfest
9/29-9/30: Prague
10/1: Wiesbaden
10/2: Rhein River Cruise
10/3-10/10: Road Trip through Cologne, Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris, Luxembourg, and Kaiserslautern.

I will try really hard to keep this updated and keep it fresh with pics and whatnot. If you want to keep tabs on me, check back often! The more comments I receive, the more likely I am to keep blogging...I'm kind of attention whorish like that.

Anyway, I'm boarding the mighty Lufthansa 491 from Seattle to Frankfurt in 20 minutes. I've flown this flight a million times and it's a relatively painless 10 hours. They offered me an upgrade to Business Class for $600 and even though Business Class is heavenly, times are tough. Using the "a penny saved is a penny earned" mantra, I will be earning $60/hour while roughing it out in economy class. Not a bad wage in this day and age.

I'll holler back once I'm in Barcelona and will have a few pics. For now, I'll leave you with the song I've been listening to all day.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in Barcelona...see anytime I hear this tune I just start drifting awayyyyy...and all I wanna do is go back.


drozsnyai said...

The blog is back from the dead!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop Brandon, we intend to cut and paste this stuff all week.
Stephen - PS blog.