Saturday, September 05, 2009

Loving Life in Barcelona

I gotta say, it's been a good couple of days. In the tournament today I ran hot and feel like I played pretty well, ending up with 135,000 chips, good for about 20th out of the remaining 250 or so players. Nearly 500 started and there's a long way to go but I'm feeling pretty good.

Purple Euros are so gangster.

My buddy Howard did a little write-up about me in the Pokerstars Blog and a beautiful woman named Rebecca, who I just met today, interviewed me for Card Player during the second break. It's good to have friends in the media!

Yesterday ended up being a pretty epic day. Around 7 PM I met my buddy Matt at his hotel and we went to my favorite tapas place, called Txapela.

The food, location, and sangria are all primo at Txapela. The octopus and squid dishes were amazing and the Prawn, Bacon and Mushroom tapas might be my favorite thing of all time.

Matt and I ate a ton of these tapas, drank 3 pitches of sangria, and the bill ended up being 42 Euro. Matt lost the credit card roulette and the only thing better than tapas and sangria is FREE tapas and sangria. Thanks, Matt!

From Txapela we took a cab back to my hotel and drank some wine while trying figure out how I could get money to buy into the tournament. I talked to my buddy Jason Mercier and he had some extras so we went over to his hotel to pick them up. He was grinding with a friend and much to my delight, they were bumping Taylor Swift in the room. If you haven't heard the Fearless CD, you're really missing out. Brilliant stuff.

Anyway, after finishing the bottle of wine, we somehow ended up in Jon "Fatal Error" Aguiar's room where I acted like an ass for a while and ultimately passed out on the floor. He woke me up at about 1:30 AM and told me he was going to the club to meet some girls from his hometown of Boston. I was in the mood to party so I decided to shake the sleep out of my eyes and join him. We went to an awesome club called Razzmatazz which is a giant warehouse with 6 or 7 different rooms all playing different types of music. The cover ended up being 15 Euro because there was a live band and the girls were pretty upset about that. Luckily the 15 Euro also got you a free Red Bull and Vodka and once I bought a round of tequila, we were all best friends. The girls ended up being really cool and we had a blast. We stayed in the main room for most of the night where the live band was playing and I did my usual dance around and go crazy act. Finally, around 4:30 it was time for bed. Here are some pics.

Spanish Girls <3

Boston Girls <3

I woke up at 11 AM this morning fresh as a daisy and went to the Casino to register for the tourney. I feel like the key to conquering jet lag is to get a good 6 or 7 hours of drunk sleep on the night you arrive and you'll be golden from there on out. Holler!

The tournament starts again at 12:30 PM tomorrow, check the PokerStars Blog and Cardplayer pages for updates and please send good vibes. I'm going to end with a random picture from last night where God only knows what I was thinking. 3 Kilos of Nestle Quik!


TheReader23 said...

Brandon....Michael just told me you had some new posts up and it was so great to read's just like the old Brandon's blog is back and running.

Please keep it up.

KillaB said...

Thank you for more blog! Keep'em coming! P.S. Make sure to tell Nesquik I said 'What up'...

Anonymous said...

Just now catching up on your blog. Mega jealous of your sangria and tapas, and of you in general, as I sit here in my lame cubicle at work. :(