Friday, September 04, 2009

Brandon está muy cansado

Well I made it to Barcelona safely and without major incident. I am, however, extremely tired and would love to crash hard. Instead, I'm going to head out for dinner and drinks and try to stay up until 11 or 12 tonight. That's the best way to avoid jet lag, crashing at 6 PM would do me no good.

I forgot to mention that part of the reason I passed on the $600 Business Class upgrade is the fact that I got a sweet Exit Row seat in economy. I had my legs fully extended the whole plane ride and it was glorious!

I think you get the point. My neighbor looked at me funnily as I took pictures of my stretched out legs but I don't really care. The Barcelona Airport was really dead when I got there, surprising for a Friday afternoon.

My hotel room is really sweet. I booked it on Hotwire and at 80 Euros it's a freaking steal. It's called the H10 Marina and it's about 10 minutes walking from the Casino. I'm going to post a few images and then get out of here. Tapas and Sangria are calling my name.

Next time, I'll have something more exciting. Holla!

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