Sunday, September 06, 2009

Busto in Barca

Today was one of the more painful poker days in recent memory. I lost a huge pot early with AA against AK and then just blinded out the rest of the day, folding hand after hand for 6 hours. My table was extremely loose and aggressive and I just couldn't find a single decent hand. I ended up finishing around 90th place with 72 getting paid. Blah.

Sometimes when I'm card dead, I try to change the music that I'm listening to in hopes that it'll change the card karma that I'm receiving. Today I listened to:

Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
Thursday - Full Collapse
Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends
Hot Hot Heat - Make Up the Breakdown
Taylor Swift - Fearless
Jimmy Eat World - Futures
Rise Against - Siren Song of the Counter Culture
Weezer - Blue Album

I lost the AA hand while listening to the KoL CD so that's never getting played again. Hot Hot Heat is my go-to CD when I need a good rush of cards but even that failed. I was really calm while listening to Taylor and JEW and that felt nice. Rise Against came out once I got under 20 BBs and I ultimately busted to Weezer. I think I need to listen to more Rap while I play poker, maybe that'll help. On day 1, my iPod was dead so I just wore my headphones for the noise-canceling feature since it was so loud in the Casino. Maybe I'll give that another shot.

After busting, I came back to my room to shower and I noticed that a big $215 WCOOP Tournament was starting on PokerStars so I logged in and started playing. That was a huge mistake because I'm tired and tilted and I am playing terribly. I really just want to go out on the town but I think I'm going to stay in tonight and hit it hard tomorrow. My buddy Tim is going to Business School here in Barcelona and he flies back from summer break tomorrow. Hopefully he knows where to go on Monday nights and I'll have some good stories and pics for the next blog.

On Tuesday, I'm flying to Florence to hang out with my friends from school, Stacy and Brooke. We're all staying with our friend Kristi who came to Italy 4 years ago as an exchange student and never left. She lives with her boyfriend, Davide, who is one of the nicest people I've ever met. I'm really stoked for the 3 days we're going to spend there. Male readers, stay tuned for pics as these are some of the prettiest gals I know.

After Florence, things are up in the air. We might go to Ljubljana, Slovenia but there is also talk of visiting some of Stacy's cousins in Austria. If they end up doing that, I might just head to Germany to chill for a week before heading to London for more poker. I'd really like to see Slovenia and head into Croatia but it's their trip and I'm just tagging along for a while. Anyway, that's the latest. The next post should have pretty pictures and entertaining anecdotes. Holler.

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Cory-Ann said...

I was starting to feel sorry for you then I remembered that you're in Barcelona and you 'jetset' for a 'living'. You're so balla I can't stand you.

P.S. I know this probably isn't the type of comment you meant would encourage you to keep blogging but please do.