Friday, September 18, 2009

Schneckenhof Mannheim

Once again, the Schneckenhof party did not disappoint. I am really lucky to have made such a great group of German friends. I don't know why I always find youngsters to hang out with but I enjoy their youthful exuberance and they don't seem to mind my old man-ness yet. These college parties are unlike anything in the US...they are held on campus, in a Quad-like area, and there are booths set up on the periphery with beer, shots, or wine. There's a huge stage set up on one end and people drink, dance and kick it. And they do it every Thursday night. I love it.

Here are some pics and a video from the night. I took it easy tonight and I'm flying to London early in the morning. I can't wait for this Coldplay/Jay Z concert, it should be phenomenal. I'm having a blast out here but I'm really sad about missing tailgating back home. GO HUSKIES!!!


Unknown said...

Okay its actually me (kels) not my dad writing to you. Eff school in AZ Germany here I come!!! Sounds like a blllassst! Have fun at jay-z/coldplay its bout to be bomb!

randomguyfromgermany said...

well, thats too funny, i've just watched the EPT Grand Final 1 on and googled your name, came upon your blog and, well i'm from germany and so watched at the schneckenhof party pics closely and it was absolutely suprising to find a buddy of mine on your pics XD just a great ride through the web with big suprise at the end, great :D