Tuesday, October 26, 2010


-Made it home from San Fran in 12.5 hours. Google maps says 13h50m, boo-yah!

-Ate at Micky D's twice for my only meals. They're so GD convenient and I was trying to get home fast so I sacrificed my health. One day I'll eat healthily, one day.
-Texted and yakked on the phone way too much. The weather was pretty gnarly and I think I was a bit unsafe on the road today. One day I'll stop texting and talking on the road...but maybe not.

To Do:
-Unload U-Haul.
-Wash clothes and pack for DC

I'm heading to DC on Thursday for the Jon Stewart rally this weekend and will hang out with my brother the following week. DC is a fun place and I'm excited to get out there for a few days. Here are some pics: The double rainbow appeared on the drive this afternoon and the other one is an older pic from the Olympic National Park.

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