Wednesday, October 27, 2010


- Hung out with Mom for 45 minutes.
- Walked the dog.
- Ate lunch with Dookie, Davis and Jazmin.
- Unloaded the U-Haul.
- Ran a bunch of little errands.

- Lunch was at a burger place and I ate a giant plate of Yam fries. At least they were delicious.
- Haven't packed at all for my trip to DC.
- Lost money playing poker.

To Do:
- Pack for DC. Flight leaves at 1 PM, gonna have to catch a bus at 10:30, so I better get up early.

I'm pretty pumped for the next 10 days. DC this weekend is going to be a blast and then I get to visit with my brother for a week. I'm home on November 8th and will probably be local through New Years. Holla.

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