Monday, December 06, 2010

Starting Fresh

What's up.

Obviously the list-type blog idea failed so I'm going to try to go back to normal blogging. I want to start over from scratch and considered opening a wordpress account and just blogging in the dark for a while, but I like this address and I like feedback so I'm going to stay here. Hopefully the 3 or 4 people who have me bookmarked will click that bookmark and find something worth their time.

On Thursday night I'm flying to Newark on my way to Montreal. My cousin, Marisha, has a hookup with a Canadian Airline called Porter Air and somehow I get to fly that airline for free. Newark is the only American city that they fly out of so I had to get there for the flight to Montreal. Flights from Seattle-Newark were $300 and Seattle-Montreal was $700. I actually have to pay $50 in taxes to Porter Air but $350 is, ummm, about half of $700 AND I get to spend 2 days in NYC visiting friends. Holla. I'm only going to be in NYC for about 8 hours on the way to Montreal but I get about a day and a half on the way home.

Anyway, the point of that story is to brag about going to Montreal. It's definitely toward the top of my list of places I want to visit. Off the top of my head, here's my top 25...places I've never been or just barely been:

New Zealand
Costa Rica
Mayan Peninsula

Again, these are just off the top of my head, in no particular order. My Dad spent a lot of time in Montreal when he was younger and always raved about the bar scene. I've also met a ton of people traveling who love it and for some reason it's always held a special place in my heart. Looking forward to reporting back with pics and stories.

The reason I'm going is to see GSP fight Koscheck in UFC 124. I went to Toronto about a month ago and my cousin Marisha told me she had 2 extra tickets to the fight. I am a mild UFC fan at best but my 6 months living with Ryan Daut made me a huge GSP fan. I contacted Daut, who said he'd love to go, and now shit is on. GSP is from Montreal and it'll be awesome to see him fight at home. I just watched a bunch of his old fights and they got me all fired up. Here is my favorite:

Tonight I'm heading down to the Bank of America Arena to see the Huskies play the University of Portland. Should be a blowout and a fun game to watch. Go Dawgs!!

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