Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today I took my Volvo in for its 30,000 mile check-up and got new spark plugs. Maybe it's psychological but I swear it's running better post-service. My Volvo mechanic is my brother's best friend from high school and nothing's better than finding a mechanic you can trust.

After Volvo, I drove to Shoreline had SoonDoBoo for lunch with Kenny, Megan and Emi. I always forget that I'm trying to start the blog up again until the end of the meal so here's a shot of the aftermath. I really love Korean food and it was fun hanging out with the Barron Family. After lunch we all went to Costco where I filled gas and bought groceries. Emi was really great all day but started acting up toward the end of our Costco shopping. I don't really blame her, after a lot of time in Costco I start to lose it too.

Tonight, Jazmin and I decorated our tree. Here's a pic...I think it looked better before I put the lights and ornaments on. It really was a nice little noble fir and now it looks all crooked and lopsided. Oh well.

I'll end with a video of myself dancing with Emi. I didn't realize Kenny had the video camera rolling but the video is pretty funny so I'm going to post it. Quickness with the video camera is a good skill for a parent to have; kudos, Kenny.

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Unknown said...

What's the model of your Volvo? I'm looking at used car dealerships (Indianapolis area) to replace my Chevy. My dad's gonna take it next month, so I really need to find a new one. I've been searching for info about used cars. Indianapolis is flooded with dealerships, too. I really hope to find a Volvo XC90 - my dream car (as of now). Anyway, the photo made me hungry right now. My dad and I love Korean food, especially the famous kimchi.