Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ants in my Pants

Woop Woop!! I've been running around all day, getting ready for my trip to Montreal. I'm on a red-eye to Newark that leaves Sea-Tac at 10:40 PM and arrives at 6:15 AM. I was originally planning on spending half a day in NYC but no one is going to be awake at that time. When I land in Newark, I'm going to head to the Porter Air desk and try to get on an earlier flight so I can spend more time in Montreal. Wish me luck.

Tonight I'm going to a Norwegian function called Fisherman's Night. Here is the history of the night, if you're interested. Basically, it's a huge banquet with unlimited seafood and booze. The seafood is always top notch because all the fishermen like to show off how good their catches are. I'm really excited. I'm going to gorge myself and get drunk from 6-9 PM then head to the airport, drink lots of water, and pass out on my plane. Sounds grand to me.

I'm still loving my Kindle and if you like reading, you should definitely think about buying one. I just bought Lost Vegas by my friend Paul McGuire and I'm excited to read it on this trip. I haven't read a single sentence yet but I know it's going to be awesome. Pauly is one of the best writers I've ever met and his ability to capture the nitty gritty details of stories is what sets him apart.

I've been learning French using Rosetta Stone's software. I finished Part 1 of Level 1 yesterday and I'm pretty proud of myself. There are 4 parts to each Level and 5 Levels total so I'm 1/20th of the way there. It's pretty addictive and I'm really enjoying using my brain again. If I stick to it, I think I can finish in about 6 months and hopefully be able to read and understand French. I have no delusion of being totally fluent and probably can only develop my speaking ability by immersing myself in a French speaking country for some time. Maybe I'll love Montreal and want to move there for a few months!!

Next post will be from Montreal, hopefully with pictures of tonight's delicious seafood buffet. Holla!!

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