Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm not really a huge New Years Resolution kind of guy but this year I feel like making a few. Thanks go my buddy Kennedy for booking me in a push-up bet. The number is 50,000 by 12/31/13 and whomever doesn't make it there has to buy whomever makes it a NFL, NCAA, and futbol jersey of the winner's choice. I know for sure that I'm asking for a Russell Wilson authentic Gray, whatever UW jersey is all the rage next year, and a Lionel Messi jersey of some sort...probably an Argentina World Cup '14 jersey, assuming they'll be released by then.

50K pushups is a lot, and I haven't done a single one in the past 3 weeks, but I'm fairly confident that I can do it. I'm also going to try to run 500 miles in the year but I'm less confident about that one. I have a half-marathon planned for February 24th in New Orleans so that should help my motivation a bit. It'd be nice to have someone betting against me but I think I'm just going to do this one on my own.

Lastly, I'm going to try to eat super healthy in 2013 and enhance all the exercise crap with proper nutrition. I really let myself go during November and December and I'm feeling like quite the bum. I'm excited to get back to Fort Rucker and put my nose to the grindstone...both academically and physically. I know the academics and flying will be forced upon me, no matter what kind of resolutions I make, but the physical health is all up to me.

I'll be tracking my progress on twitter and here on this blog. Hopefully I'll make more meaningful posts and fewer short tweets but I know how consumed I will be by Blackhawk school and I can't promise to devote much time to blogging. At any rate, I'm glad that this site is still around and glad that I was able to make one post in 2012. Here's to more blog entries next year and a healthy and safe 2013!!

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