Friday, August 26, 2005

So Cal Rocks

Today Renee, Nichole and I drove down the 101 Freeway, from Carlsbad to La Jolla. It's really one of the most beautiful stretches of freeway in the world. I really enjoy where I am. L.A. is too busy and the Carlsbad/Encinitas area is much more my speed. It's relaxing here and the overall atmosphere is amazing. All day Nichole and Renee reiterated how much they would love to live down here. I'm telling you, it's really great. They're leaving early tomorrow because Nichole is going camping with her friends Sunday night. They were originally supposed to stay one more day but they're cutting it short for the camping trip. I wish they could stay but, as a person who values their friends over almost anything in the world, it would be extremely hypocritical for me to want her to do anything else. So tomorrow they hit the old dusty trail for 20 hours. Here's to them getting home safely and coming back soon.

I've had some real issues with my Jacksonville and Barcelona trip. Three days ago I bought the tickets at US for $890. They said that I'd get a confirmation email within 4 hours. Well, as of yesterday the confirmation still hadn't come in so I logged back on and there was no record of me ever buying the ticket. I looked up prices again and they were $1290! I was pissed to say the least but I figured that I must have screwed up(yes, I have made mistakes before) and I grudgingly bought the more expensive ticket. Well, as of tonight I still haven't received a confirmation email and I just logged onto the website to find NO RECORD of ever buying a ticket. So, I'm giving them a call tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to convince them to get my ticket for $890. Wish me luck.

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Renee Choi said...

Brandon! Thank you so, SO much for letting Nichole and I stay with you! I also am leaving this comment so you can stop complaining that "no one has left me a comment!!" :) I'll miss you, have fun on all your crazy adventures. See you during the holidays. Go Seahawks!