Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Brandon's Tired!

I’m finally home after a rough couple of nights. Yesterday I met Carl, Fowler and Steve at the Commerce Casino just south of L.A. Actually, we were pretty close to Compton. I even got to drive on Slauson for a bit but Dr. Dre was nowhere to be found. Carl and I played $20/40 for a bit before going back to his hotel. The local Ralph’s had a great selection of Mexican and Latino beers so we bought some Dos Equis Green and a Brazilian beer called Brahma. For a bit of British flava we added a half rack of Newcastle, my favorite beer. The beers were delicious and we played cards until 4:45 in the morning. I now consider myself a decent Chinese Poker player despite losing $20 to Steve. I drove home this afternoon and I feel worn out. I think I’m gonna hit the hay early, around 2AM.

Kenny called me today with my Japan itinerary and it looks like I’m in trouble. I arrive in San Diego, from Barcelona, on the 20th at 9:30 PM. My flight to Tokyo leaves the morning of the 21st at 7:15 AM so I have less then 10 hours between ridiculously long flights. I need to get to the airport around 5am for international travel so, uh, I’m gonna be a wee bit tired. I’m young and I’m a savage beast so I think I’ll survive.

I played a few tournaments today and did very poorly. I felt too tired to play cash games so I’m ending the day down $350. Happens.

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