Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tourney Day

Today is the first day that I entered all 3 big Sunday tourneys on Party Poker, PokerStars, and Paradise. It was a lot of fun and I think I’m going to play in them regularly. I was one of the first players out of the PokerStars tourney because I chose to gamble and either get a big stack or be gone. My big draw missed but I’d play it the same way every time and that’s what’s important. I never got any cards on Party but I managed to hang around for quite a while. My QJ ran into 55 on a Q95 flop and that was that. I lost a real big pot on the bubble(50 got paid) in Paradise that would have put me in the top 5 with first place at over 30K with QQ vs T7 all-in preflop. Kinda nasty but that’s what happens sometimes. I still managed to finish 39th and made a little money but it’s always disappointing when there are thousands at the top.

Today, on Party a guy asked if he could transfer me 1K on Party in exchange for 1K on Stars. I agreed, only if he transferred me the money first. He said that was fine but he wanted me to sit at an empty 30/60 table on Stars and buy in for 1K, just to prove that I had the money in my account. So I sat down and all of a sudden someone else sat down and Stars automatically posted my SB. I had Ts8s so I raised and the BB 3-bet. I called, flopped a flush and ended up winning $209. That pretty much paid for my Stars big tourney entry and the money I won on Paradise almost covered my Party entry so for the day I’m only down $58. Not too shabby, but pretty disappointing when I could have won a few grand. Maybe next week?

I’m headed up to Huntington Beach tonight to hang out with my friend, Chris. Carl and his friend Fowler are coming down too so it should be fun. Hopefully I’ll have an entertaining post for you tomorrow. Carl is in L.A. for the 5K WPT event at the Bicycle Club but sadly he got knocked out on the first day. He’s in SoCal until Friday so we may end up going to the casino at some point. I really love the fact that people have to smoke outside here. It’s pretty much my favorite law. Peace.

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