Monday, November 13, 2006


Is there anyone still reading this? It's November 13th and my last post was on October 18th. Yikes.

I'm not sure why I stopped blogging but I can think of a few excuses. Firstly, I can't find my USB cord for my camera and therefore can't share my awesome pictures from Kansas City. Here's one that Jimmy posted on my MySpace page. Women everywhere are getting on their knees for me, even in hostile territory:

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A second reason for failing to blog has been the depressing performance of our beloved Huskies and Seahawks. The Huskies have lost 6 in a row, including a 20-3 debacle to one of the worst teams in the NCAA, the Stanford Cardinal. Good thing they wrapped up win number 4 early or I'd be out $100. P.S. I was once playing a Sports Trivia game with Dave, Renee and Matt and the question was "name a college mascot that isn't an animal" and I yelled "CARDINAL" before someone else came up with some lame answer and they said it didn't count because I didn't specify that I was talking about the tree. I very clearly said "CARDINAL" and not "CARDINALS" but we argued until they convinced me to just have a redo with another question. Frikkin cheaters. I still won. Dominated even.

And the Seahawks were mired in a 1-3 stretch where we lost our starting QB and RB and the defense was giving up 50-60 points every game. Sure, we beat the Raiders in an ugly MNF game but this week we had the Rams coming to town looking to avenge their home defeat last month. I felt like crap about the game until...

NATE BURLESON! That punt return was one of the most exciting plays that I've ever watched and I don't give a crap if he ever catches another pass. He's money well spent in my book and earned every dime of his salary on that one play. Throw in the fact that Scott Linehan is a moron(going for it on 4th and 5 from the 31 when Wilkins is money AND going for it on 4th and inches from the 12 instead of taking the auto-three AND instead of running Stephen Jackson on 4th and inches running a crappy play-action pass to the fullback (YEAH RIGHT!)) and you reach the conclusion that the Hawks OWN the Rams and OWN the division. I'd love to see the Rams try to take us on with their back-up RB and QB. Gus Ferotte + Stephen Davis = yum yum. Anyway, I can't stand the Rams and it feels real good to sweep the season from them.

It looks like next week's Niners game will be surprisingly important and I hope the Hawks are up to the task. The Niners are lurking, only 2 games back and had a nice road victory today. I don't think they'll pose too many problems but I thought we would take care of the Vikings easily too so who knows.

I was pleased with the results of the election but I remain cautiously optimistic. Al wrote on his blog something like, "all we did was replace politicians with politicians". I really hate politics but I hope the message that got across is that people want more honest leaders. Honest politician is kind of an oxymoron but I hope it won't always be like that.

I'm also happy with the results of the local referendums. One initiative that I was happy to see pass is the one that disallows public subsidies for professional sports teams. Basically, it states that the state needs to receive "fair value" for any money that the public puts into a new stadium. Here's an article from the New York Times. My favorite excerpt is: "To many Sonics fans, the rejection of sports financing proves that old, laid-back Seattle has been crushed by elitist Prius-driving do-gooders." Hahahahahaha.

Well, I hope this gets me back on the blogging horse. Over the past month I traveled to San Jose and Foster City to see my Aunt and Dad, went on a great weekend trip to Kansas City(a very underrated city, IMO), hung out with by boy Kento, saw 3 Seahawks games live, went to my Fraternity's annual alumni event AND started jogging. I don't know if the upcoming weeks will be as eventful but I'm going to try to become a better blogger. And I'll fail. And Homer's lesson will come to fruition: "You tried and you tried and you tried but you still failed. What's the lesson? Never try."


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back. I keep checking every once in awhile. Also go from your site to Rob's and Scott's and they have been doing a better job.

I have Seattle as one of my defense teams and not sure if I should play them on Sunday or Jax. The 49 er's have been doing pretty good and they have a better record than the Steelers. Amazing.

Keep on jogging and keep on blogging.

meanhappyguy said...

After thanksgiving week you should probably take up push-ups as well.

Since all of my money is out of Stars, I decided to throw my FPP into a few sats to the big Sunday tourney. Got owned in the first 3-table, then got down to heads up in the STT but got a little out-played. Was a confidence-booster though. I'll be sure to crush whatever Sunday tourney I play come the end of Thanksgiving week!

Marc is setting up a touch/flag football game at Eckstein (or Dahl) at 9:30am on Thanksgiving. Bring your friends!

Anonymous said...

glad to see the blog back in effect, buddy!