Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cliff Dad

I'm coming home from Pasco tonight and I have 3 free nights in Seattle before taking off forever. Saturday night I will be in Vancouver visiting my grandmother, Sunday night I will be at the Seahawks-Chargers game where I get to completely write the MFers off or just when I thought I was out, they reel me back in. I'll be in Federal Way for Christmas on Monday and then finally I fly to India at 12:15 AM on December 26th. I really can't believe that I'm leaving for this trip already and I'm starting to worry about my preparedness. I rarely worry but I've never been on the road for 10 weeks and the unknown is always a little scary. I'm a big boy and I think I can handle it.

Pasco was uneventful, although I did see two animals peeing in the woods:

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If you want more pictures from Pasco, send me an email. These pics are among the very few that I don't post on the Internet.

Tomorrow I am going to the UW-LSU basketball game. Dookie bought me tickets for Christmas and I can't wait to see how the Huskies match up against Big Baby and the rest of the 12th-ranked Tigers. The Huskies got killed in their only tough game, at Gaonzaga, but this one's at home and I hope they play better. After the game, I'll probably be heading to Die Bier Stube with Cliff so if that sounds like fun to you, give me a call.

Since I'm in a basketball mood, here are some sweet videos:

Charles Barkley

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Shawn Kemp "The Reignman"

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meanhappyguy said...

Those are some sweet videos. Charles Barkley looking up Ewing, what a clip!

Gaynar Diaz said...

Love you Schaef, have a happy holiday and holler at me before you leave for the grip.