Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2 more games!

I feel a large post brewing with a lot of things on my mind(SEAHAWKS, SEAHAWKS, SEAHAWKS!!!!) but first things first, a picture for Justin:

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I've had a blast, as always, my first few days in Seattle. Friday night a bunch of us went out but didn't get out of control, keeping our eyes on Saturday's big football game. Saturday was one of my greatest sports memories and there are three images forever etched in my brain. I'll never forget the team running out of the tunnel at the beginning of the game. I'll never forget Kenny Hamlin raising the 12th Man flag. And I definitely will never forget Matt Hasselbeck kneeling on the ball with the game clinched. Eash time my throat welled up and I seriously almost shed some tears. I feel like a wuss but I'm an emotional cat, what can I say? The playoffs are so intense and I'm really happy with how the team reacted to all the adversity. Losing Shawn in the first quarter sucks, as does losing 3 fumbles. The defense stepped up and the offense made big plays when it had to. They'll have to hold on to the ball next week against Carolina and I think they'll focus on it a lot this week.

Sunday I played some big tournaments and watched the football games at Davis' house. The biggest tourney was a $1000 buy-in on Paradise and I finished 27th for just under 6K. It was one of the weirdest tournies I've ever played. I was down to 210 chips in the 25/50 level, got up to 520 chips and pick up KK. Two players go all-in and I click to call but nothing happens. I get frantic and click Call, Call, Call! but nothing happens. I realize that Davis' wireless Internet has gone out and I quickly reconnect but not before my Kings were folded. A big Ace gets in against JJ and the Ace flops 2 pair and rivers a full house that would have knocked me out of the tourney. I get lucky a few more times and get into the top 10 in chips but can't close the deal. I made a few questionable plays but overall I think I played OK. I played a $500 buy-in tourney on UltimateBet and bubbled for the first time in my life. Yep, 201st place with 200 paid. There were about 10 hands with 201 players left and everyone was playing really tight. I wasn't against the ropes but I only had 5 blinds and picked up JJ in middle position. An aggressive player on my right opened the pot and I went all in behind him. He called with AQ, flopped an Ace and sent me out on the bubble. The funniest part about all of it was the railbird and player chat. Everyone was shocked that I would risk bubbling with JJ and that he would call with AQo. I really hope they were joking but it seemed like they were pretty serious. Bubble time rules.

After all the tournies I went to Evin and Torrie's condo and we watched "Must Love Dogs". It was pretty damn bad. I usually like romantic comedies and I like both Diane Lane and John Cusack but this movie was poorly written with crappy acting and awkward dialogue. I wish I had more hands, so I could give this movie 4 thumbs down. Today I was pretty lazy. I ate lunch with Renee at the great Sczechuan place on 12th and Jackson and I had dinner with Dave at Kangaroo and Kiwi but other than that I just sat in the house and watched Scrubs. I was at Target in Carlsbad and I saw that they were offering a $10 gift card when you bought seasons 1 and 2 together so I had to pick them up. I'd only seen 2 episodes in my life but I'd heard great things. I have to say that it's one of the best shows that I've ever seen in my life. The writing is genius, the acting is fantastic and the show is unbelievably smart. I like it a lot. 4 thumbs up!

The rest of the week will be pretty relaxing. I have to go to Bellevue and see my financial advisor and I'll probably take a day to drive down to Vancouver to see the grandparents. I'm still sad that my grandpa killed the Jafro but I guess it had to be done.

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The big event next week is obviously the NFC Championship game. The Panthers sure look good and I'd like to revoke my statement about only being nervous about the Redskins. Steve Smith looks unstoppable and their defense looks pretty good. I still think the Seahawks will roll but I am a little nervous. Man I can't wait. We've been waiting for this for a long time. We've put up with a lot of mediocrity sice getting season tickets in '99 and it's made this feel great. By "we" I clearly mean the SuperFans...

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Two more games, Hawks, TWO MORE GAMES!!! Here's a view from our seats. Is there a bad seat in this house?

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Lets go to Detroit, Sac a la Dos.
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