Sunday, January 22, 2006


Holy shit, I'm nervous. I'm confident but nervous. I really believe that the Seahawks will win but as a fan you can't help being a little rattled. I don't think the Seahawks will be dumb enough to leave Steve Smith in single coverage and I don't think Nick Goings can break a game open like Deshawn could. I still have a healthy respect for Mr. Goings but he's definitely not as good as Mr. Foster. I think that the Seahawks will be able to adjust to whatever the Panthers defense throws at them and put together some solid drives. I firmly believe that we were headed for an easier win last week if Shawn hadn't fumbled on the 10-yard line. The offense was clicking and it was all Hasselbeck. If other teams try to put 8 in the box, he'll kill them. If they drop too many in coverage, we'll run more. If we put a decent amount of pressure on Delhomme and keep two guys on Mr. Smith I think the defense will have a good day. If the offense can maintain balance and get in a rhythm I don't think anyone can stop them. Like I said at the beginning, I'm very confident but nervous at the same time. I've never wanted to buy a ticket to Detriot this badly in my life.

My ride is coming in 5 minutes. Go Seahawks.


David (sirio11) said...

Go Seahawks !!!!

MHG said...

Super Boooooowl!!!

John Rankin said...

complete domination today, wish I was at the game. Wish I could go to Detroit too. Hey how do you add a links column on the side of your blog?