Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Welcome to Paradise

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With Greenday ringing in my ear, I say hello from the beautiful Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The weather here is absolutely perfect and there are more women than I can shake a stick at (you know what I'm sayin'). The picture above is the view from our hotel room and really doesn't do it justice. I'm very excited and it's nice to get a break from the rain of Seattle. I normally don't mind but the rain was really getting to me this time around. I think it's a lot wetter than normal and it just never frikking stops raining. 80 degrees and sunny is suiting me just fine right now. Did I mention how hot the women are? Sweet lord in heaven.

Just because it was rainy in Seattle doesn't mean that I didn't have a good time. On New Year's eve we ended up prefunking at CJ's condo in Belltown. Davis, Brent and I made Incredible Hulks, a mixture of Hennessy and Hypnotiq, popular with the "hip-hop" crowd.

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It definitely gets the job done and we went to the club nice and drunk. Unfortunately I got a little too drunk and didn't have a very good time at the club. Maybe my mind knew that it wasn't going to get any hard alcohol this year so it tried to get a year's worth down in one night. Anyway, I won't be doing that again anytime soon. I hope everyone else had a better New year's than I did.

The next morning I woke up on CJ's Lazy Boy feeling like crap. I made my way to Davis' place and we watched the Seahawks lose to the Packers. No one got hurt and Shawn got his rushing title so it was a good day. I'm so fired up for the playoffs. This team has me believing that they're really special and I never thought I'd want to take a trip to Detroit so badly. Honestly, the divisional game worries me more than the NFC Championship. The G-Men have already proven that they can come in here and kick our ass. The Bucs and Redskins run the ball and play good defense. The only team that I think we'd whup on is the Panthers. They're soft and don't run very well. If we get past that game and into the NFC Championship against Da Bears, I'm feeling supremely confident. I'm tired of listening to analysts blow Rex Grossman. He's horrible and the Bears will not come into Seattle and beat this team. I'm going to feel real dumb if the Bears hand us our asses but I really don't think that will happen. I'm going into the Round 2 game with nervous excitement. I'll talk about it more once we find out who we're going to play.

On Monday, I hung out with Renee all day, going to lunch and doing some shopping. At 5 PM we went to Kangaroo and Kiwi for some darts and wings and met up with Davis, Dave and Greenie. The wings are 25 cents on Mondays and they're really good. So good that I can't order wings anywhere else because I feel like I'm getting ripped off. K&K's wings are bigger, meatier, better tasting and cheaper than any other wings I've ever had. Case closed.

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After wings we went to Bank of America Arena to watch the Huskies play Cornell. They looked sluggish but still got the job done. Just win, baby. I started feeling pretty sick toward the end of the game and went to bed around 9 PM. I still have a sore throat and stuffy nose but I hope that the sun here will expel the germs from my body.

Tuesday I packed for the Bahamas and got finalized the details of my South America trip with my mom. I'm going to be in Equador, Argentina and Antarctica from February 7th until March 12th. If I qualify for the PartyPoker Million cruise, I'll fly straight from Quito to Fort Lauderdale and board the ship there. If I don't qualify I'll probably fly back to San Diego and start to pack up my things. I'm moving back up to Seattle toward the end of March and starting the baseball roadtrip in the beginning of April. Sound like fun, huh?

I'm going to end this post with a few pictures from my time in Seattle that I never posted. I hope everyone is doing well and I'll try to blog as much as possible. I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time playing poker and enjoying the sun but I promise to try.

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Anonymous said...

Sac a la dos,

Have a good time you f-ing a-hole. Sometimes I am really jealous of you. This would be one of those times. Kind of like when I'm in an "Asian dude with the biggest head in the world" contest. I'm jealous of you then too. For serious though, have a good time and good luck in the Bahamas. YOU NEEDS TO DOWNLOAD "I'M IN LOVE WITH A STRIPPER" BY T-PAIN FT. MIKE JONES" I have finally found the soundtrack to my life. "She can pop it, she can lock it....ugnhhhh!"
Which e-mail do you use? Because the four different addresses that I use never seem to work...either that I am being ignored. Just as you say, "I have no brother....sob"
Tell Carl not to eat my tie, and tell him I would like to thank him for the Family Guy DVD's, I really loved watching them (dripping with sarcasm).

meanhappyguy said...

More PCA updates please, view to kill from that balcony-- G'damn!

Thanks for the book recommendations, borrowing some would be great if you have a chance to stop by Portland on your move up from San Diego--but I'll check around first and see if I can find any.