Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spirit of the Blog

Soooo this whole taking a week off thing is against the spirit of the blog I'm really really really going to try blogging more often, even if I do it twice or three times a day. I've noticed that I have more energy to blog in the afternoons and rarely feel like banging something out right before bed. If I give mid-day updates or whatever, maybe I'll get better at this. We'll see.

The past week was kind of shitty but I'm planning on picking it up as we reach the mid-point of the year. I've only done 50 today and still need to go for a 3-mile run. I think I'm going to make a conservative goal and go for 28K by the end of the month. Still ahead of track, despite the horrendous two months. Let's get my friend momentum rolling into my birthday month.

W: 150, 3.1miles
R: 150, 4miles
F: 100
S: 66
S: 50, 5miles
M: 0
T: 150
W: 300, 3.7
R: ???

Total: 966, 15.8miles

Pushups: Today-966 YTD-27590
Pullups: Today-0 YTD-414
Running: Today-15.8mi YTD-361.15mi

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