Monday, June 17, 2013


Momentum and Inertia, such amazingly powerful forces. Unfortunately I've been on the wrong side for a looooong time now but here's the first step in the other direction. Gotta start somewhere.
My back ended up being a much bigger issue than I could have imagined. For about 2 weeks I was hobbling around like an invalid and it really affected my mood and fitness and the like. For pushups, I did 250 in Nashville that I never added up and then I did random sets of 50, 40, 40, 50 over the span of about a million years before slowly getting going over the past week or so. As soon as I got to Minneapolis last Sunday I started doing 100/day to just get the blood flowing again. Then, on Saturday, I did 200, Sunday 100, and today 200 again. So that's 1530 over the span of almost a month. Just really not gonna cut it. I did my 50-40...-10 pyramid today and it felt really painful. Still better than I did before joining the Army but nowhere near where I was a month ago. Obviously. Anyway, pushups are boring. I'm hopefully getting back on the horse and my back is feeling good enough to start putting up bigger numbers. Despite all the slacking and whatnot I'll be fine.
No pullups in this period of time either. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to do a few.
Running is going to be a little difficult to calculate but I've done most of it with my Nike+ app on my phone so it might not be too bad. I did 5.7 in Nashville before my back tightened up like woah. Then I moped around for a while until I had had enough and went on a short run, 2.4, with James which he linked on FB here. That was June 1st. Then on June 4th I ran exactly 3.0 with my Nike+ app. Then I flew home to Seattle and ran 3.6 with him on June 5th and then ran once around Greenlake with Marcus on Friday morning for 3.2. Then Dave and I ran a 12k on Saturday for 7.47. Then I ran 3.03 in Nashville on Wednesday and then slacked off until Sunday when I ran 7.0 horrible miles. That's the sum of it...35.4? I just added it twice in my head and it seems right.
Anyway, I don't have a lot to say but I wanted to get out of my slump. This isn't the prettiest blog in the world but sometimes you have to hook up with an ugly chick to bust out of a slump. One thing I wanted to mention is how horrible my run was on Sunday. I attribute it to running in the late afternoon after driving 6 hours home from Alabama and not being hydrated enough and the Southern heat. Also, I only ran once during the week and that's just not gonna cut it. Things I will do from now on:
(1) Run in the morning
(2) Hydrate better. I'm probably going to order a hydration belt or something because I was absolutely dying in the head on Sunday afternoon.
(3) Take midweek runs more seriously.
If I stick to those three rules, I'll be fine. Next weekend the training schedule only calls for 5 miles but the following weekend calls for 10 so I need to be better prepared for marathon training in the southern heat. I will defeat it, I just need to do it smarter. More tomorrow, it feels good to get one off my chest no matter how much it sucks.
Pushups: Hiatus-1530 YTD-26474
Pullups: Today-0 YTD-414
Running: Hiatus-35.4mi YTD-342.55mi

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