Sunday, May 26, 2013

Old Man

Well the weekend has been as awesome as advertised and I've made a lot of new friends. Faith and Chris have a cool little crew and I'm really going to enjoy my time here. Their best friends are a couple named Ellen and Nekos and they're some of the coolest people I've ever met. Ellen keeps a blog here and I'm almost embarrassed to link it because it's so much better than this blog. But there it is.

I'm titling this old man because my lower back has been absolutely killing me. It was a little stiff after the PT test on Monday but nothing really came of that. Then I ran 5.7 miles on Friday morning and felt really good but throughout the day, my back really stiffened up and it almost felt unbearable. We went to a sweet house party and then a cool little bar with live music but I was miserable the whole time and probably not a lot of fun to hang out with. Yesterday, it started to loosen up a bit throughout the day and I was optimistic that the bad times were behind me. I drank a lot of tequila at dinner and I was feeling pretty good. Then this morning I woke up and it was worse than ever. I'm hobbling around real bad and while I can sit without pain, as soon as I do anything even remotely stressful to my back, sharp pains shoot up and down my body. It really sucks. I was planning on going for a short run this morning and trying to stretch it out but it's just not feasible. It's just so sore. Fuck getting old.

I did 100 pushups on Friday morning and then was in too much pain for the rest of the day to do any more. Yesterday I was feeling better and managed 150 before heading out to the park to listen to music and getting a little tipsy. Today I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do any. We're going to a BBQ at Ellen and Niko's house and I'm going to get shitfaced and self-medicate that way.

Tomorrow I drive back to Bama for my last week at Fort Rucker. It's still a bittersweet feeling but this trip Nashville has made it feel much more sweet. There's just so much more going on here and I love hanging out with Chris and Faith. Life is long as my back decides to loosen up at some point.

Oh, I forgot, I bought a condo. Haha. It isn't perfect in every sense but it'll be really great for my purposes. The 2nd bedroom is tiny and wouldn't really be feasible to host a second roommate but it has its own full bathroom and will be fine for hosting guests. The master bedroom is huge so I'm going to keep my Queen bed up in Clarksville and buy a new King size bed. Faith has agreed to be my interior decorator and I'm pumped for her to turn my condo into a home...or whatever. She's done a great job decorating their house here and she knows me pretty well and will be a lot of help. The location is really great, 1.5 blocks from 5 Points which is a local hotspot with a bunch of bars and whatnot and then I'm 1.5 miles from downtown which is where I'll take all my guests when they come to town. I'm also 1.5 miles from Chris and Faith and we'll be hanging out a lot this summer. Can't effing wait.


Jimmy said...

Cant wait to come visit in a few months. Congrats again!

Dave Rozsnyai said...

Get back on track dude