Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Today I did some speedwork with my roommate. It's a good thing they allow gays in the military!

The plan was to warmup for 15 minutes, run 400m, rest 1 minute, run 800m, rest 2 minutes, run 1200m, rest 3 minutes, run 800, rest 2 minutes, then run a final 400m at the same pace as your first one, then run a 15 minute cooldown.

I think we ran a little too hard from the house to the track, running1.5 miles in 11:07. We rested for 3 minutes and then ran the first 400 in 1:25. I was really hating life because I haven't run hard since I tore my hammy. Also, this night schedule is really fucking with my eating schedule and I feel like I have less energy than I usually do. I weighed in at 197.4 lbs today which I think is a little too skinny. Instead of resting for 1 minute, I made us rest for 2 minutes and then we ran the 800m in 3:04. Instead of resting 2 minutes, I made us rest for 3 minutes and then ran the 1200m in 4:53. Struuuuugling. We rested for the proscribed 3 minutes and then ran the 800m in 3:14. We rested for 3 minutes(instead of 2) and I ran the final 400m in 1:21.

James kicked my ass in the 1200m and second 800m but I out kicked him for the final 400m. He was a 3-year letterman Defensive Back at the same high school that Matt Leinart went to so he's definitely fast. We drank some water, walked around, then ran 1.18 miles home, slowly, in 9:27. I can't figure out how exactly to take out the little bit of walking that we did so I'm just going to count the entire 5.34 miles.

Next time I'll try to stick to the 400m-1 minute-800m-2 minute-1200m-3 minute-800m-2 minute-400m timeline a little better. I only have 2 weeks to improve quite a bit and don't really feel like it's gonna happen. I think I'm going to try the workout again on Friday and then again next Tuesday.

I definitely feel like this is going to evolve into a running blog with pushups as the side story. I think running is a little more interesting anyway and I'm excited to see how the marathon training goes after the PT test. Speaking of pushups, I've done 3 sets of 60 today and I'm planning on another 60 before going to fly so I'm just gonna call it 240. My shoulder still feels like shit so I'm taking it easy. Oh, and I did one set of 70 yesterday morning.

One of the best things about this blog is that it inspired my buddy Dookie to get back into shape. He's always been a beast but with two kids and a full time job and various other projects he had slipped into worse shape than he wanted. He's already putting up bigger pushup numbers than me and I feel like he's going to do this running workout and shit on my times. Here is a link to his blog, check it out!

Pushups: Today-310 YTD-22869
Pullups: Today-0 YTD-366
Running: Today-5.34mi YTD-289.03mi

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