Thursday, May 02, 2013

No Fly No Bueno

Yesterday we didn't fly because of shitty weather. I have 6 flights left and then I'm done with flight school so I hate to see days go by wasted. Here's a pic from my desk and a pic of my broken face. Good times.

Yesterday I did pullups 2 minutes apart, 8-8-7. My last one on the second set and my last two on the last set were a bit of a struggle and I had to kick my way up a bit but I still got there. Once I get to 10-10-10 I'll start to do them with my shoes on then my boots then figure out other ways to add weight. 10-10-10 with 45 lbs should be right around the corner!

I ran 2.62 yesterday which is coincidentally 1/10 of a marathon. I only ran a 7:11 pace so if I ran that 10 times in a row, I still wouldn't qualify for Boston. How ridiculous. To protest, I signed up for 3 half marathons last night; two in Kentucky and one in Indiana. Here are the links:

I'm also considering these:

I feel like a bit of an addict. I ran another 5.01 today and felt like crap. Night flight line is a bitch because I don't eat a good dinner ever and I think my running is affected negatively. Once positive note is that my hamstring feels pretty good. It only gives me issues when I don't run for a day and let it get stiff. Once I'm done with school, I should have a pretty regular schedule and be able to get into a better running groove. Anyway, here are the maps:

I did zero pushups yesterday but did a 50-40-30-20-10 pyramid this morning with a 1 minute break between sets and just finished a card game with Jack, logging 277. The morning pyramid is something I did to get ready for the Army and is one of the reasons why I've always been ahead of my peers in the pushup game. It was a lot easier than it ever was two years ago(obviously) and I'm thinking about ramping it up to 60-50-...-10. I did a 60-...-10 pyramid with situps right afterwards and that might be part of the reason why my run felt shitty. Regardless, I feel like I'm starting to get some good forward momentum going, feeling good.

Pushups: Today-427 YTD-22509
Pullups: Today-23 YTD-366
Running: Today-7.63mi YTD-275.55mi

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