Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day One

Well it's not earth-shattering but I got 200 done today. 50 in the morning and then forced myself to do 150 tonight in sets of 50 and 25 randomly. Tomorrow I have a 24-hour shift at Staff Duty from 9 AM to 9 AM and I'll try to do pushups to stay awake during that time. Maybe I'll do a whopping 200 more!!
Next week I'm flying for 4 days in a row which I'm pretty excited about. I'm also going to start a 24-day detox on Sunday and I'm pumped about that as well. I've been living way too crazy and am looking forward to 24 sweet alcohol-free days.
Pushups: Today-200 YTD-30025

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Dave Rozsnyai said...

I thought your bet was 50k and 500 miles. Were the miles just something you added in?