Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Struggle Bus

Welp, I almost missed day #2 but I just snuck it in there. 2 for 2 baby!
Yesterday I only managed 100 and today I only managed 150. The major problem is that I'm not doing any in the morning and then in the afternoon I never have any energy. I'll work on knocking out 100 each morning and the numbers will blow up from there. It's just really felt like a chore for  long time now and I need to figure something out to get out of this funk.
I did some 400m sprints with my new roommates and it was pretty fun to do some hard running for a change. I've been running longer distances so I've been jogging it out more than sprinting. My legs were heavy and I know I need to incorporate some more track time. Tomorrow, East Nasty is running 6 miles so I'm going to take it slow again. It's funny to listen to Dave bitch about 80ish degrees when it's 95 here all the time and the humidity is about the same. Southern ain't nothing to fuck with.
This weekend is going to be nuts. I have no less than 7 friends coming up from Alabama to party for the 4th of July. If I make it to Sunday with 7 blog posts I'll consider it a success.
Pushups: Today-250 YTD-28450
Pullups: Today-0 YTD-414 
Running: Today-1.5mi YTD-371.95m

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Dave Rozsnyai said...

1) Hot is semi-relative. You should be getting used to it.

2) What were your times for the 400s

3) Based on your recent party exploits you should be happy to just not get hurt, nevermind posting blog messages