Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's just getting worse and worse. The lack of Internet at my new place, the transition to a new workplace, my alcoholism; all add up to one horrible blogger. Well the end of another month is near and that gives us another chance to make a monthly goal that we'll probably fail at achieving. My fitness has been pretty damn lackadaisical so I'm going to make the simple goal of hitting 150/day for the next month.

On July 2nd I had 28450 and then my month has looked like this:
7/3: 100
7/4: 50
7/5: 50
7/6: 50
7/7: 50
7/8: 100
7/9: 50
7/10: 200
7/11: 50
7/12: 50
7/13: 250
7/14: 150
7/15: 200
7/16: 200
7/17: 100
7/18: 150
7/19: 75
7/20: 50
7/21: 50
7/22: 50
7/23: 100
7/24: 100
7/25: 50
7/26: 50
7/27: 50
7/28: 0
7/29: 0

That's only 1375 if I can count and that's a big zero the past two days. Super gross. I'll do more than that today and try to pull my life together. On a positive note, I have been flying a lot and it's really fun. This weekend is going to be another party weekend but I'm planning on 3-4 weeks of detox afterwards. August is the month we get momentum back, we promise.

Pushups: mostofJuly-1375 YTD-29825
I'm going to quit tracking the other things since I don't have money riding on their outcome. I'm going to do some quick math to see how much wiggle room I still have. Obviously I'm still slightly ahead of pace because 25k was pace at 6 months and I'm almost 5k more than that at 7 months. But pace is actually 50/12 = 4,167/monthx7months = 29,167. So I'm 658 ahead of pace if I didn't do any pushups the next two days. Kind of amazing how big of a cushion I had built up. I know if I still lived with James I wouldn't have fallen off so bad or if I lived with Dookie I'd probably have done even more but I really just need to find my own motivation and get this fucking ball rolling again. Baby steps = 150 minimum/day. Let's dooo it.

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