Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Today was a great day. Cliff, Mom and I went to see little Noah, the coolest one-and-a-half year old you'll ever meet. I took a buttload of pictures like every proud uncle should and here are some of my favorites.

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Air Noah Posted by Picasa

This is how WE roll Posted by Picasa

He really is an incredible kid. He loves smiling, reading and sports. Sounds a lot like a big-headed Asian dude I know pretty well. The circumstances are pretty tough and I don't feel like explaining everything here but I realy have to applaud my brother for how he handles everything. I was thinking today about my Dad's message and just how much potential I see in Noah. I'm sure he saw that same potential in me and had visions of me changing the world. Well, I'm still 25, Pop, and I promise to try my best to make a positive influence on this earth. One step is spoiling the crap out of Noah!

Tomorrow we're going to the mall to take professional photos and then we're headed back to Seattle. A group of us want to go to a real Asian karaoke place but I can't find a place that serves alcohol. The only places that have karaoke and alcohol are just public bars and that isn't how true Asians roll. If anyone out there in blogland knows of an Asian karaoke bar with alcohol, I'd be very much obliged. I have no problem singing my heart out to "I Think We're Alone Now" and "My Way" (Old Blue Eyes, not Usher) but I think that others don't come out of their shells as easily.

My grandma bought me the book "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" and I hope it improves my punctuation. I have no clue how horrible I am at punctuation but I'm sure it isn't pretty.

Tonight's our last night at Amerisuites Pasco. *sob*


Anonymous said...

Why is it that Cliff looks completely lost reading the with Noah. Dook

mookie99 said...

I know this is wayy off topic, but how did you post multiple pictures on one post with Picasa ?

Anonymous said...

I like the chill'n pic the most. Your not truely chill'n until your shirtless.

Asian Karaoke=China Gate. This is where you can find Asian Gangsters, White Business men, and hookers all at the same place. Plus it fulfills your two requirements.

if thats too crazy for you(which I doubt) i went to a place 4 years ago where you can rent out your own karaoke room like they do in Japan.

Holla if you need directions.

-Sky Barron