Sunday, December 04, 2005

I Love Football

The Champ is Here! The Champ is Here! Posted by Picasa

That's Kele's brother, Matt, all-conference Center and great guy. He might come on the baseball road trip with me if he doesn't get a scholarship offer for next year. Tonight we drove up to College of the Canyons and watched his team, the Grossmont Griffins, win the Southern California Community College championship over the Canyon Cougars, the defending state champs and owners of a 26-game winning streak heading into the game and now proud owners of a one-game losing streak. The O-Line looked awesome and I think Matt will definitely get his share of offers for next year. He's one of the team captains and you can see his leadership on the sideline, it makes me really wish I had played football. The play for the State Championship, against the Northern California champs, CCSF, next week in Fresno. I'll probably be in Vegas but everyone root for the Griffins and Mr. Gaughen. It was great to watch a game where the fans actually made it feel like a high school game but the quality of play was definitely on a college level. Here's one more picture of Matty and me. God, that is some beautiful hair.

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Tomorrow is a big day for me, pokerwise. I'm entering 5 different $200 tournaments across 5 different sites and competing with some of the best online players for $1K each. The $1K bet is on top of our tournament buy-ins and there's a formula to calculate who has the best showing across the tourneys. I'm probably a bit of a dog against these guys but the competition will be fun and hopefully it will force me to concentrate a bit more. If you want more details on the bet, check out this page.

I'm probably going to head to Vegas on Tuesday to play in some of the Bellagio tournaments and hang out with Pauly. Apparently there's a blogger convention out there and I might get to meet some of the legends of poker blogging. I know, I'm a nerd, but at least I can admit it. Nothing pisses me off like those closet nerds who try really hard to be cool but can't admit to themselves that they're really big this guy:

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I'm just kidding, Cliff knows he's a nerd and fully embraces it. One of his Army buddies sent me that picture and I was trying to find a way to get it into a post. Never get this drunk around Army sickos because they'll not only put a mustache and goatee on your face, they'll go as far as putting on eye-shadow and mascara. God, isn't he pretty? Anyway, Ms. Clifford found out this week that he is going to fly fixed-wing aircrafts for the Army. I was unaware that the Army had any fixed-wing pilots, I thought they were all Air Force and the Army pilots flew helicopters, but apparently about 1% of Army pilots get chosen to fly fixed-wings. Usually they're grizzled veterans with 10,000 flight hours but for some reason the #1 graduate of Cliff's class got to train with fixed-wings and as you already know, he dominated. He and his whopping 130 flight hours start training in early January. He's going to be flying VIPs around and basically has one of the softest jobs in the entire Army. Way to go, Cliff, no dodging missles for you! The coolest part is that he has a great chance of being stationed at Fort Lewis so we're going to look at condos when we're up in Seattle for Christmas. He'll live with me somewhere downtown and crash with some of his friends down at Fort Lewis when he has early days/late nights. It should be really good for me to live with him and I hope I don't drag him into the gutter. Let's hope I get all cut up and acquire the ridiculous amounts of game that he has. Congrats, Cliff and I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

Enough of the lovefest, I need to get to bed so that I'll be well rested for the big tournies tomorrow. Hopefully I'l have something good to report. If you're bored in the afternoon, hop online and watch me play for a bit. Hit me up on MSN:, or AOL: BrandonKoga, if you want to know what sites I'm on and what my usernames are. Or, you could read through that link up above about the $1K bet.

P.S. This is really random but you know how everyone loves "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey? Well, I'm here to tell you that the best Journey song is "Separate Ways" and it isn't even close. Download that bad boy and crank up the volume as soon as you can. It's a spiritual experience.


Jimmy said...
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Jimmy said...

Good luck Shader, I'll be checkin out your Party Poker and Paradise Poker games while I watch some football, listen to some music and study (God I love multi-tasking.

Anonymous said...

While 'Separate Ways' is a superb effort by Journey, and can safely claim the title of greatest music video ever made, it doesn't rock even half as hard as 'Don't Stop Believing'. It shocks me that you would even consider writing such blasphemy. I think today will be my last day reading your blog.


Anonymous said...

Do you assume that people who read your blog don't know anything about Journey? Come on man, "Wheel in the Sky" is undoubtably the most awesomest song EVER!!!! come on man, YOU'RE BETTER THAN THAT!!!


Anonymous said...

P.S. why was that comment deleted???

Schaefer said...

I don't know why the comment was deleted, it was deleted by the author, referring to the author of the comment.

Obviously you know about Journey, Silky, you know about everything cool I'm not referring to anybody in particular, I'm just talking about the intense barrage of "Don't Stop Believin'" in the mainstream over the past year. Justin said it well in the comment on the newest post.

I do like, "Wheel in the Sky", it's one of my faves but not on the same level as "Separate Ways". But again, like Justin said, there's a lot of room for personal preference.

You da man, Silky.